Game Changers for a New World - Leadership as Social Artistry with Jean Houston


We are in the midst of the greatest change in human history. There is change at every level: climate, immigration, governance, ecology, food, education, finance, industry, media, technology, cultures, the rise of women, and patterns of inequality. Dr. Jean Houston says it is as if we have been in a game for hundreds of years. The old way of being is receding and a new game of life is emerging, one that compels vision, skill, creativity, courage and collaboration. It requires active Game Changers, people who know themselves as “works in progress” and have developed the physical, mental, and spiritual potentials needed during this time of radical challenge and transition. Dr Jean calls them Social Artists.

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Dr. Jean Houston is an international consultant for the United Nations, acclaimed author of 30 books, renowned teacher, and advisor to leaders and governments around the world. She is a humanitarian consultant to over 100 nations. She is a scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and the Jean Houston Foundation. As a past president of the Association of Humanistic Psychology she is instrumental in the development of the new field of Social Artistry.

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