Giving Voice to the Heart


Giving Voice to the Heart

With Pamela Gerrand

Thursdays, 11:00 am Eastern/4:00 pm UTC/5:00 pm CEST


Join musician/poet and sound alchemist Pamela Jane Gerrand as she takes you on a journey to your undefended heart, connecting to your inner light and joyful muse. Weaving heart opening songs, tone poems, sacred sound and mantras, Pamela co-creates a gateway to the living field of inspiration and the energy of love’s abounding grace. As a musician and sacred artist Pamela’s offerings have been described as a marriage between the ‘shamanic and bardic’, merging story, song and energy medicine. Through the power of sound, breath and presence, Pamela invites you to embrace your holy wholeness with pure JOY!
“Pamela Gerrand has the rare gift of being able to embody with her voice a deep connection to the kind of beauty and spirit that feeds our souls.”
~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of ‘The Invitation’ 




About Pamela Gerrand 

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