Global Heart Team


Global Heart Team

With Grace Barry-Gleb

Mondays, 4:00 pm Eastern/9:00 pm UTC/10:00 pm CEST


Come gather with Grace and other Love and Light Beacons! 

We will begin our time together with a Heart Resonance Attunement to raise our vibrational frequency, inclusive of gentle breath work, and compassionate loving thoughts for all, creating a gigantic LOVE BUBBLE 💖wave around the Globe.




About Grace Barry-Gleb

Grace is an evolution visionary, who energetically supports humanity’s shift from fear to love on a Global level. She is the co-founder of the Global Heart Team whose mission is to create a loving resonance energy field to infuse the world with loving consciousness to shift humanity.She intergrates her skills as a Loving Journey facilitator, Reiki Master, Dream Work facilitator, Physical Therapist, Psychosynthesis coach, and Enneagram facilitator to motivate people to create their own “Love Bridge” to shift from a fear focused life to a love focused life in Loving Journey groups, and workshops.She wants to thank everyone who has the courage to Stand In Love for humanity’s shift in consciousness. Grace is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at:   

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