Goddess Chakra Series - Red Root


A series of paintings that depicts each one of the 7 chakras in the form of the Feminine. Focusing on the aspect of the chakra color, each painting incorporates a combination of paper, fabric, glitter, stones, beads, flowers and feathers – further illustrating and delineating subtle hues and tones within each color and its vibration.

The Butterfly symbolizes transformation for me, my own transformation, but also my messenger of spirit….it is my totem. Sometimes I use it at the chakra point and at other times I use it where I intuitively feel it should be. At the bottom of each painting is the gemstone or crystal associated with that particular chakra and color energy. I have placed this gemstone next to my signature. I hope that this small gesture completes the story of each color and its healing messages.

Red Root

Red governs the Root or 1st chakra, situated at the base of the spine. It represents vitality, courage, relationship to the material world and stability. It is where the Kundalini energy resides. The Kundalini is symbolized by a coiled serpent that slowly makes its way up the spine towards the crown chakra, symbolizing the unlimited and unmanifested potential. “Red Root” is the expression of the ‘essence’ of the color RED in particular its association with this chakra. It speaks of the manifestation of the spirit into matter and of the passion, physical intensity and energy that this evokes. ‘Red Root’ connects us to our roots into Mother Earth. Red is an energy that vibrates earthiness, animal essence and physical passion.


Born and raised in the UK, Jo Jayson started painting and drawing from an early age and she describes herself as a self-taught painter. After leaving art college after the first year, disappointed and uninspired with the lack of traditional training and teaching, she tried her hand as a media buyer in Advertising and then as a picture librarian at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Loyal to her calling to paint and with a natural talent for decorative finishes, composition and technique, she moved into the decorative arts world and became a faux finisher and muralist, working in London, Sydney and New York.

Always deeply intuitive and spiritually connected, Jo started expressing this connection and creating her own paintings in 2006. In 2008 she started working with the “Divine Feminine’ energies and since then she has worked as a professional intuitive painter, channel, teacher and author. Upon completion of her much-loved ‘Goddess Chakra Series’, Jo went on to paint the internationally acclaimed ‘Sacred Feminine’ series of paintings that took 6 years to complete. The images and wisdom that Jo receives and shares, has helped women all over the world find empowerment, healing and inspiration. She is the author of the book ‘Self-Love Through The Sacred Feminine’, the companion to her oracle deck, ‘The Sacred Feminine Guidance Cards and Guidebook’. Jo has spent six years teaching workshops and online courses for healing and self-development in the United States and her paintings, prints, meditation kits and CD’S for physical and emotional wellness and empowerment are sought after and enjoyed by her large following here in the US, Europe and around the world.  www.jojayson.com

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