Happiness. Enough. Love. Peace (H.E.L.P)


Happiness. Enough. Love. Peace.


With Dr. Donald Pet

Saturdays, 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern/ 6:00 pm UTC/ 7:00 pm CEST

Welcome to Einstein’s solution to make life wonderful for our loved ones and humanity. You will learn the 4 HELP qualities: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace we require to survive and thrive in this new era!





About Dr. Donald Pet

I am Donald Pet, M.D., an 84 year young wisdom doctor.   I direct the forever free nonprofit Educational Community whose mission is to inspire a million member movement of Einstein’s solution to make our world the happy safe home we all want for our loved ones.  Join me in Good of the Whole to co-create our genius to learn and then teach HELP, the 4 essential qualities in today’s nuclear world: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace.   [Following is optional to include depending on space] Learn to love yourself with the abundance that overflows to enrich your loved ones and humanity.       

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Zoom: DonPet.zoom.us/j/4728773604

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