Healing Earth: 40-Day Mantra Mala Meditation

Healing for the EARTH:

40-Day Japa Mala Meditation with Linda Linker Rosenthal



Brief Video Introduction:

Linda Rosenthal explains the 40-day Japa Mala meditation with two powerful mantras for the 2019 Love Lives Here: EARTH Day Edition.

Zoom 15 minute check-ins with 40-Day Meditators for Healing the Earth on these dates:

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Zoom 1:00 PM  on Wed. April 24

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Healing the Earth

When we are consciously living for the good of the whole there is a delicate dance we do to stay in balance between our personal, local lives and embodying the Divine Knowing that our own lives –- our everyday thoughts, decisions, choices and actions -- are also touching the whole world.

We are in constant flow of cause and effect. Our purpose is to be mindful of how we are choosing to live every day. Are our actions truly good for ourselves AND for the whole of our families, communities, and the entire planet? Is our personal energy a source of destruction, conflict or separation? Or are we contributing to more compassion, love, respect, and inclusion?

Ask yourself if your personal lifestyle is being lived for the good of the whole planet.

When “Love Lives Here” began in 2018, we focused for 40 days on Reconnecting with ourselves, others, the earth, and the guiding spirit that lives within. 

Today, I am dedicating another 40 Day Japa Mala Meditation specifically for the Healing of the Earth.

If you are new to this practice, please know that the Universe is applauding you with great joy! By choosing to dedicate yourself to a daily meditation practice (in this case a repeated mantra 108 times with mala beads), you not only positively effect yourself, but you may also find that all your relationships begin to transform for the better. During the next 40 days, please open your heart to a deeper connection and relationship with our One Mother Earth and all that lives upon her.

You are invited to use one of the mantras that I suggest or find another that resonates with you. Whatever you choose, please make sure that your heart and mind align with the main intention of bringing healing and balance back to our beautiful planet. Remember, a mantra is a tool for focusing the mind. When you chant, keep the intention on the meaning of the specific words or sounds of your mantra as you repeat it 108 times.




About the Earth Mantra

I came across two very different mantras that you might like to try for your japa meditation. Remember, you can make up your own mantra if you want! Keeping your mind focused on the intention of your mantra with practice is what is most important.

#1. (Sanskrit/Greek) Om Shri Gaia Ma Purnatva Gaia Ma

This uplifting mantra assumes the abundant perfection of Mother Earth. In her divine wisdom, she knows how to heal herself. This chant helps us see Her as a healthy, complete and whole Living Being rather than a dying planet that desperately needs healing.


OM (like ‘home’)   SHRI  shree (like ‘tree’)      GAIA (guy-like a good ‘guy’- uh)   MA (mah)      PURNATVA (per not vuh)  GAIA MA (guy uh mah)

Suggested Meaning: “Mother Earth, I pay homage to the fullness of your beauty and divine perfection. You are abundant with Life, always rebirthing from season to season. I respect your land, waters, air, and all inhabitants. May all align with your perfect regenerative power.”

Om —considered the most sacred mantra, symbolizing the infinite, supreme wisdom and immortality. The mystical primordial universal sound of OM (sometimes pronounced AUM) is used to enter a state of mindful, physical and emotional awareness.

Shri — a title of respect, used before a revered person or deity and in this case, for Mother Earth.

Gaia is not a Sanskrit word or sound. In Greek mythology Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth. In current cosmology, Gaia heightens our awareness of the whole system living planet of Earth. We can call on the "Spirit of Gaia" to increase our love and compassion for all creatures and for the physical environment of our planet as a whole. It also heightens our awareness of humanity’s ecological and environmental necessities and responsibilities.

Ma - Regeneration and Rebirth, a way to experience the joy of connection with the Divine Feminine, as in ‘Mother Earth’

Purnatva – Fullness. Abundance. Perfection.

Happy Chanting!


Another Mantra Option

OPTION #2: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

I spent the last 4 days at a Radiant Child Yoga Certification course and learned this chanting meditation from the healing branch of Kundalini Yoga. It was so beautiful that I wanted to share it and find a way to incorporate it into our 40 Days Mantra for the Healing of Earth. It is originally intended to be chanted using breath and a specific sitting pose with arms and hands in a certain position. It helps the meditator concentrate, connect with Earth and Universal Energy, and send healing energy for the healing of our planet, or to another person or location.

It can be affirmed before chanted: “May the Earth be blessed with peace” or “May peace prevail on Mother Earth” or “May Mother Earth be healed and aligned with her Divine Perfection”

Ra Ma Da Sa  / Sa Say So Hung is typically translated as “Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity: All that is in infinity, I am That.” It is sometimes called the Siri Gaitri mantra. Like most Sanskrit mantras, this one is valued as much for the energy of the powerful sound vibrations as any literal translation, which is why I am curious to chant it with my mala beads and not necessarily as an energetic activation of the chakras.

However, if we are aware of the pathway up our chakras and spinal column as Kundalini life force energy, we can focus intentionally on the meaning that each sound syllable makes, giving us a more spiritually grounded and energetic healing experience!

Ra (“sun energy”) – root chakra

Ma (“moon energy”) – sacral chakra

Da (“earth energy”) – navel chakra

Sa (“impersonal, infinity, universal energy”) – heart and throat chakras

Sa (repeating the sound of universal energy as it connects the heart with infinite healing potential)

Say (the personal embodiment of our infinite self) – third eye chakra

So (identity and personal sense of merger with Sa) – crown chakra

Hung (the infinite- vibrating and real) – sends universal healing energy from the crown back to the root chakra



Beginning Your 40-Day Practice

I personally will begin my 40 Day Japa Mala on April 1 but please note that you can begin at any time on any day as long as you continue for 40 consecutive days. I encourage you to explore and play with various mantras for the next few week, invest in a set of beautiful mala beads for yourself, and then join us in earnest on April 15 when we launch “Love Lives Here: Earth” for 8 intentional days of embodying, experiencing, expressing and engaging with Love for the Good of the Whole Planet!

If you begin your 40 Day Japa Mala for the Healing of Mother Earth on April 15, I will continue to be in service as your guide and happily chant for Earth with you for the next 39 days until May 24!

Be sure to catch our Live Facebook events and other pertinent posts at Facebook’s Good of the Whole Community group page

May you and Mother Earth be enlivened with healing energy, joy, love, and deep peace from your meditation practice. As more people walk gently on the Earth, the more Earth will bless us with her infinite generosity and love.


Sat Nam

Om Shalom Shanti Om

Peace on Earth



Video Demonstration:

What's It All About?

In 2018, when Good of the Whole offered “Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection”, a global community joined together to focus on the various ways we express our love in four main categories… to ourselves, others, the earth, and the sacred in all life.

As I devoted a *Japa Mala Meditation for 40 days to myself, others, the earth and the sacred, I felt it was truly a soul-satisfying healing experience for me personally. It was, in a sense, a spiritual gift to myself just by the physical act of doing a specific, dedicated daily meditation practice.

Now, my intention is to chant a specific mantra for the HEALING OF THE EARTH.

I am offering another 40 Day Japa Mala Meditation for the HEALING OF EARTH. The sacred sounds of this mantra will reverberate throughout the planet. 

Why am I doing this? Because I love you/us and our beautiful planet. Science is showing the power of intention and when we dedicate healing to others and the planet, we heal ourselves. And when one person reaches good health, happiness, and feels well, it is definitely for the good of the whole!

Our GROUP  meditation starts on Monday, April 15, however, you can begin at any time during the 40 days from April 15th to May 24th.   

Simply register here to be included on this sacred list. It will be my honor to keep your name as a co-creator and healer on my altar during the 40 Days of Meditation: Healing for EARTH.  

*Japa is the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name.  

A mala (meaning garland or necklace) is simply a string of beads that are used as a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in the silence of your meditation.



True meditation is defined in Eastern scriptures as doing absolutely nothing except Being.~ Thomas Ashley-Farrand “Mantra Meditation: Change Your Karma with the Power of Sacred Sound”

How many of us can quiet our thoughts and still our minds to the point of pure Being, where we DO nothing at all and are not attached to any discomfort while doing nothing? Not an easy task. This is where spiritual practices come to our aid. These practices can be found in every culture ranging from Christian prayer and contemplation of sacred scriptures, to Buddhist breathwork and Zen Consciousness, to various yogic disciplines, to Jewish chanting of Hebrew letters, to reciting Divine names, to Life Visioning, to simple walks in nature.

Mantra Meditation is one such practice where the repetitive chanting of certain sacred sounds can clear our minds, help us focus, and elevate us to higher states of awareness and perceptions about our own inner Divine nature. It is something anyone from any religion or belief system can do as a spiritual practice.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word with two parts. The first syllable manasmeans “mind” and the second syllable comes from trai which means “to protect” or “to free from”.So, a mantra is a tool that helps our mind to refocus... and how many times have we wished to be free from our incessantly thinking minds?!

When we chant a mantra with specific seed sounds and phrases, either aloud or silently, the vibrations penetrate the cells of the body, infusing them with universal energy and strength. This type of ancient chanting practice is calledJapa, a Sanskrit word that means “to mutter, or “to repeat quietly and internally”.

When the sound of the mantra is repeated for 40 days or more, changes begin to take place in our subtle “etheric” bodies (our chakra system) which allows more spiritual energy to be available to us, moving us closer to spiritual freedom and Self Realization. The mantra actually begins to override all the other vibrations of the mind and we enter states of deep inner peace and liberation or Nirvana…freedom from desire, jealousy, attachment and ignorance.

A Japa MantraMeditation is often used with the help of a mala, a Sanskrit word meaning “garland” or necklace. It is also a term for a string of beads that is used to keep count of the 18, 27, 54 or 108 mantra repetitions (japa) during meditation. A Catholic rosary is a knotted prayer rope with beads used for the same reason, usually with 54-59 beads.

I will be using a mala with 108 beads, chanting once or twice a day for 40 days. This correlates with 108 nadis, or subtle body channels that allow our life energy (qi, ki, chi, prana, ruach) to circulate through our physical body, converging in the heart chakra. The nadis can be compared to the meridians of Chinese acupuncture. When these energetic pathways are clear, open, and strong we experience overall wellness and good physical and mental health. The additional significance of chanting 108 times with a mala is to achieve spiritual fulfillment, or enlightenment (moksha)emanating from one’s heart rather than the mind. The concept of moksha is related to ultimate self-acceptance and the consciousness of Oneness with all existence. Reaching this state brings freedom, peace, bliss, and oneness with the Divine!

One may perform japa with mala as follows:

  • Sit straight, keeping the spine erect.
  • Keep your eyes closed to focus inward.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Center yourself with your highest intention for your japa practice.
  • Hold the mala in your right hand. Let it rest on the second and third fingers, never touching the index finger.
  • Begin your japa just below the larger meru (Sanskrit for “mountain”) or ‘guru bead’ (sometimes with a tassle). Use the thumb to bring down each bead toward you while chanting your chosen mantra. When you reach the meru bead, you have completed 108 repetitions. Don’t include the meru bead as part of your chanting.

I highly encourage you to start your own Japa Meditation practice if you desire positive changes in your life while connecting to the Divine within. If you are a healing arts practitioner, this meditation practice will greatly enhance all aspects of your compassionate service to others.


Beginning your own mantra meditation practice

The list of people with healing requests is growing every day. While I am happy to be in service with this offering, the effects of our collective intentions would be even stronger if more people were chanting intentionally for others.

Many of you have indicated your desire to begin your own mantra mala practice. Thank you! Remember, whatever day or time you begin, just continue to keep going mindfully for the next 40 days. The only ‘rule’ is that you do your chanting meditation practice any time between when you wake up in the morning until before you go to bed at night. That is considered a ‘day’. Preferably you will choose to meditate at the same time each day which will set and strengthen your focused energy in your own sacred space at home, in nature, or in your temple, place of worship, or spiritual center.

Mantra means “instrument of the mind” and derives from two Sanskrit words: man, meaning “thought” or “mind,” and tra, meaning instrument or tool. In other words, a mantra is a tool we can use to focus our mind on a specific thing.

The mantra I have chosen for Healing for Others is called The Dhanvantre Mantra. It is used when one is looking for guidance to find their most appropriate path to healing. It might awaken the chanter to several possibilities, like finding a qualified nutritionist, acupuncturist, health coach, surgeon, therapist, Yoga instructor, or an exercise advocate. It might lead them to the use of specific foods, medicinal herbs, essential oils, crystals, lights, or sound vibrations.

Ultimately, the conscious meditator will become more aware of that which resonates with their soul, the wise inner healer. When you are chanting for others, the intention is for another person to receive whatever they need for their greatest physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing.

The sounds from the repetitive chanting of this mantra are from an ancient Sanskrit language. The use of your breath is also an important factor with each repetition. Chanting a japa (“to mutter”) mala (“garland”) meditation can calm the body and mind, bringing one into states of deep peace and Self Realization that we are all part of One Creative Source of Life, Light, and Love.

I have personally felt the benefits of chanting the esoteric sounds of Sanskrit, just as I feel a closer connection to God when I recite Hebrew prayers or sing Native American songs. However, if your belief system feels more comfortable chanting something else like calling upon Jeshua Yaweh Christu (Jesus the Christ is healer), or Hashem (the unnamable name of God), or Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, or Buddha, etc., then please open yourself to divine intelligence, guidance, universal truth, and support for your healing…both material and spiritually. Set your true intentions for optimal health and chant what feels right for you! 

108 times for 40 days.





We are encouraging a "community of practice" and we invite you into a daily practice with us. Whether you are doing the Mantra Meditation or your own unique practice, please join us in the comment section below as we journey through the 40 days together.  Share your reflections, questions, and comments. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to engage in community and express yourself! Be watching for future reflections...and please join us in our GOOD of the WHOLE Facebook Community Group 

Linda Linker Rosenthal’s work as a holistic healer is to create a safe, peaceful, and sacred space for others to transmute fear into love and live authentically. She is an award-winning author, recording artist, transformational counselor, teacher, and founder of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts Center in NW Indiana. She holds degrees in metaphysics and transpersonal psychology, with extensive training in meditation, intuitive writing, chakra studies, energy work, Reiki and sound healing. Linda facilitates women’s retreats and co-creates conscious, loving, sustainable communities with Good of the Whole, The Co-Creators Convergence, and Pachamama Alliance. Her clients, students and friends call her a ‘Joy Specialist’! www.insightout-healing.com

Healing, which is the Consciousness of Wholeness, is just a mindful breath away.  

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