"Human Flourishing" ~ Rising Women Rising World's Vision of Health and Wellbeing

Imagine a world where we looked at health from an integral perspective, when we had achieved a positive shift in our thinking  - from health and wellbeing as a mere physical notion to taking account of the whole person.  Imagine health care systems designed to answer the question: ‘what does it take for a human being to flourish?’. Imagine if our medical and health practitioners saw disease as dis-ease, and worked to heal and restore a person to their wholeness - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This will require an evolutionary step and a breakthrough in consciousness across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, reflected in the treatment of the individual.

A world that works for ‘all’ would ensure the basics were taken care of for ‘all’; every person would have access to the foundational elements that are critical to our survival: clean air to breathe, drinkable water, sufficient food for sustenance and shelter for protection.   

What might it be like if each person were respected for their difference, welcomed for their unique value and saw themselves as a contributor to their family, community and the wider world. What if emotionally they experienced connection with a profound sense of belonging instead of isolation and inequality. What if each person had access to support in alleviating suffering and training in mental and spiritual development for inner resilience and effective action. Such training would ensure practices and rituals that expand self awareness and consciousness.

Imagine a world where each person recognised the interrelationship between their personal sustainability and that of the Earth. For both to flourish, an entrenched and outdated system must be replaced by one which values the miracle of life.

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