Intention, Inspiration & Perspiration: A Story of Manifestation


This is my story. I share it with you so that that it may serve you to apply its lessons in your own life.

Conscious intention: the first step to manifestation.

After publishing the first edition of Revolutionary Agreements way back in 2005, I spoke my intention daily: “Revolutionary Agreements are spreading like wildflowers across the land and sea as readers share them with hundreds and thousands of others by doing what they love to do: teaching, coaching, facilitating, writing, counseling, singing, dancing….”

It worked! I don’t know if anyone is singing or dancing the Agreements yet (do let me know if you are!) but I do know that facilitators across North America offer six- and twelve-week Revolutionary Agreements programs; therapists, coaches, and consultants recommend Agreements to their clients to help them transform struggles into joy; and a minister even matched scripture to each Agreement and published a beautiful book about them, Living Grace.

What is your intention? Are you speaking it daily?  Are you seeing its manifestation?

I was content for years with small successes, knowing that my book is timeless and actually might be most helpful after I’m dead and gone. (Really, I had that thought.)

And then a massive bolt of inspiration struck!


I was invited by the leaders of a vision workshop into the “hot seat” in front of the room. They had set the stage for us to think BIG.  Suddenly, I realized the colossal gift I had been given more than 30 years ago. I blurted out, “The Revolutionary Agreements lead to Peace on Earth! Yes, they do!! I know, because I’ve experienced it – and so have others.”

I boldly left the small, protective shell in which I had hidden for years with thoughts like, “If my book helps just one person, it was worth all the effort” and accepted the magnitude of the call to get the Agreements out far and wide.I was on fire.

How BIG is your vision? What inspires you? What are you called to do?

Inspiration is a creative impulse. I love that it comes from the whole shebang, rather than from tiny mosquito-buzzing “shoulds” and “ought tos” that used to run my life. When I follow inspiration, the “how," “what,” and “who” seem to show up magically at the perfect time.

Yet inspiration alone does not fulfill my intentions. I have learned I must follow inspiration with action, adding a bit of perspiration to the magic afoot.

First, I updated my book, publishing the second edition with a new subtitle:“A Personal Path to Peace on Earth.” Soon after, I was introduced to a “certification guru.” Perfect timing!


I spent the next year developing an accredited certification program for people who would benefit by integrating the Agreements into their lives and chosen work. It took time, but it was fun and creative. (Ok, getting the member website up and running was not fun.)

The first certification program just concluded, exceeding my high expectations in every way. As the magnificent group of participants head into their practicums, I realize they will be reaching people they serve who might otherwise never hear of Revolutionary Agreements. We are getting closer to Peace on Earth!

Are your actions supporting your intention and inspiration?

I’ve shown you mine – now you show me yours! Let’s discover if our intentions intersect, and if inspiration guides us to perspiration, together. May your New Year's intentions be inspired, and with a dash of perspiration fulfill your heart's desires.

With love and gratitude,

Marian Head, Founder, Agreements Institute

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  • Thalia Powell
    commented 2016-12-21 14:43:49 -0600
    Love this, Marion. Sorry we couldn’t gt together while we were in Florida, but I want you to know that I support you totally in this intention…especially in sharing with others and living what it means to live and share what you truly Love! <3

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