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    We have a new invitation to grow, expand and live in a world of deeper, fuller and more encompassing love…
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    Wonderful teaching post, full of wisdom and sound advice…shows change can take place anytime we are willing to see our patterns and search for authenticity. Thanks Marian, your books are such gifts…
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    Michelle, your words belong in every family, school and church to help guide parents, teachers and other role models in helping children open to the beauty and richness of differences. Xoxxo
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    Thank you Alexia! Love your shirt…
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    What a beautiful example of finding the strength within to change one’s reality in the moment and to return to the joy and power of love. Thanks Michelle for your constant wisdom and willingness to share your inner experiences. With constant admiration and love…
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    Resonating with our fabulous lounge

    When I came to the lounge, my thoughts went immediately to the last time I was surrounded by many of our loving, creative sprites and the lounge took on one environment after another as my heart and thoughts skipped to all the places we've shared....I felt myself sink into the warm, deep and lushous resonance we have created, nurtured and sent out into the world as a signal of what is possible between all sentient beings..I feel held and loved and so very grateful for each of you in my life.....

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    May we all listen to the wisdom keepers and contribute our own wisdom for the greater good of mankind. My heart is fully present with this fabulous group and I so appreciate the depth of their work and love….
June has danced with the fields of resonance and mindfulness in personal and work environments for 35 years. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, teacher, mentor, mother of 5 and grandmother and great grandmother of 21, learning to love has been a lifelon
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