Leading with Resonance for the GOOD of the WHOLE

Shelley Darling International Speaker, Evolutionary Dowser/Catalyst/Educator speaking in Dunedin, New Zealand at the Forsyth Barr Stadium 2017

#LOVEMORE: Leading with Resonance for the GOOD of the WHOLE

Let’s begin with you as an individual. Feel into the power of your message going forward and it’s impact on others and the planet. Now, consider the joy, potential, and possibility of co-creating with others, while re-sourcing the resonance field for the GOOD of the WHOLE. The experience and practice of leading with heart resonance, ignites and amplifies your message with greater presence, power and purpose. Accessing this field of unconditional love, you’re instantly uplifted, nourished and fueled for your fullest expression for GOOD of the Whole.

Come dive into the collective heartbeat of the Unified Field and #LoveMore

Thank you to Spryte Loriano and Robert Evans for our NZ Journey!

For speaking engagements: Contact: Shelley Darling www.ShelleyDarling.com Text till August1-415-516-3555

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