Living Co-Creation with Carolyn & Sanford Anderson and Katharine & Makasha Roske

The Whole Conversation is brought to you by GOOD of the WHOLE, as part of our mission to build and share an open source repository of unitive wisdom, resources, tools and best practices. We make visible individuals, organizations and initiatives aligned with the greater good and bring awareness to local and global needs. Explore Humanity's creative potential and ground the force of love for the good of the whole!

ABOUT Living Co-Creation:

Living Co-Creation's MISSION is to empower individuals and groups to express their full potential in service to our mutual awakening. They engage with individuals and groups in living the principles and practices of co-creation.

CO-CREATION: Conscious alignment with Spirit, Nature, and the Essence of Self and Others.

LIVING CO-CREATION: Joining with others in resonance and shared genius to fulfill your heartfelt purpose.

Learn about our guests, Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske HERE

PURCHASE The Co-Creator's Handbook HERE:

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