Love Like There's No Tomorrow

We live in extraordinary times. Life as we knew it, is not. Our experience of life on this planet is changing in such a rapid and dramatic fashion that our yesterdays are quickly rendered unrecognizable with each new today.

We face urgent, complex social, political, economic, environmental, and healthcare crises. Attempts to manage or solve these issues with the old mindset will not work. Einstein said, No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. You have to see the world anew.” The COVID-19 pandemic has created the ideal conditions for profound and essential whole-systems change, enabling whole-systems healing and whole-systems health. These unprecedented times are ushering in a radical transformation of consciousness.


We have been sleepwalking through life, and we can’t help but wake up now. This COVID-19 alarm clock has no snooze button. As we face the unknown, and fear the possibility of an untimely death, loss of loved ones, and mass casualties or extinction of our species, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in human history. We are on the precipice of great change, poised for one collective evolutionary leap. Let us make that leap in love, not fear. Let us journey into the connection field together, remembering our wholeness, and turning the page on the illusion of separation.


What is being called for is a new narrative born out of a whole worldview. A story that embraces our innate genius, co-creative prowess, and inherent wholeness. The leap in consciousness shifts our vision of how we see ourselves, one another, the divine, and the world around us. It upgrades our embodied relationship with Earth, and all her inhabitants. The new story will demonstrate our unity—our oneness—as one planetary body, demonstrated in both science and ancient spiritual wisdom. In unity, we experience the dissolution of old systems and structures as painful, yet necessary. We can see how a belief in separation is actually harmful to all life. We understand and deeply sense the flaws in the old narrative and we feel the new earth—the new story—quickening within our very bones. Let’s co-write the new story together.


There is good news. We are a species in transition, living on a planet in transition. Actually, there’s no separation between species and planet. We are one. Although it feels tumultuous at times, there’s beauty, wisdom and great love birthing the new earth. Many around the world are experiencing a new sense of hope, connection, empowerment, and unification. In our inconvenient distancing, we are learning creative ways to selflessly feed and care for one another. We are remembering to love our neighbor and discovering how it feeds our soul. We are craving a communion with nature—a deeper, loving relationship with Earth. This sacred co-creative work is paramount in cultivating an evolved culture of healing, equality, justice, and peace. It’s our new sacrament. We will overcome the chaos and disorder with wonderful new experiences as we ground the higher frequency of love and come into right relationship with Earth and all her inhabitants. A new sense of freedom and joy will replace centuries of fear, separation, oppression, greed, corruption, and enslaved, consumer-driven materialism.


This is conscious evolution—a collective, planetary spiritual awakening. This global shift of consciousness has been foretold by indigenous elders, visionaries, futurists, seers, spiritual teachers, astrologers, intuitives, and wisdom traditions from around the world. No one could predict what kind of global crisis that would precede the shift and bring us all together in such an absolute, dramatic manner. But many have envisioned the complete shutdown of life as we knew it—seeing all the dysfunctional beliefs, behaviors and broken social systems fail. Our old self-centered, selfish ways do not represent the truth of who we are in the new story. It's time to "see the world anew."


Social distancing, self-quarantine, and shelter-at-home practices have invited us to bring ourselves back home. We can’t go outside, but we can go inside and rediscover our hearts. The shutdown is enabling the powerful shifts in consciousness and higher energetic frequencies to sweep through our planet as swiftly as the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic may cause fear, grief, confusion, hopelessness and disorientation, as it should. Yet if we remain connected in love, with an acute “presencing” of the Creative Source and our burgeoning multidimensional capacities, we will learn to partner in unity, within the Unified Field of Consciousness—accessing the divinity within.

We will facilitate the transformation with higher guidance, preparation, resonance, efficacy and ease. We are seeing through the dark plot in the old story and waking from the comatose, senseless stupor we have been in. We are breaking through the spell and will no longer participate in the absurd, mindless game of killing our planet and taking women, children and persons of color hostage. No more. We will only engage through love, truth and embodied wholeness. We have work to do. We have a complete remodeling job ahead of us. We have hit the reset button and the recalibration has begun. There’s no turning back. There’s no normal to return to.


The consciousness of love will prevail. We are learning to anchor these new higher frequencies and create greater coherence. Our embodied experience of wholeness will guide us as we ground the force of love and birth the new world. With each step we cultivate an ethos of wholeness and nurture our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole. We are stepping-up and co-creating a world where every individual feels valued, connected and whole. In the remembrance of prior unity, we are falling madly in love with our earth mother and all her inhabitants. Our new social systems are being built with that love, that unity, and that intimacy with Earth. COVID-19 has taught us to respect and adore all sentient beings and see our fellow humans with the substance of our long-held yearning and dream: equality, justice, peace and universal love for all.

In gratitude for the benevolent force that midwives our birth, let us grow into our new capacities as divine multidimensional beings. Let us claim the creative magnificence that is our birthright and use it in service of the new story. In these times of unprecedented change, let us love like there’s no tomorrow and evolve consciously for the good of the whole.


Dr. Julie is a steward of the new earth, midwifing the evolution of consciousness and mentoring the ethos of wholeness and the WholeWorld-View. Her career as an intuitive, integrative health practitioner and psychotherapist has influenced her global work with evolutionary leaders and change-makers—co-creating connections that inspire individual, collective and planetary healing. Her authentic, down-to-earth approach, invites others to embody their highest creative potential while shifting from ego-centric challenges and separation, to a healthier, soul-centric flow of resonance and coherence. She is a mystic, speaker, teacher, Founding Steward of, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected on Empower Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart Radio and more. She is a bestselling author of the book, Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and Others.

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  • Julie Krull
    commented 2020-04-06 14:33:10 -0500
    <3 Thanks, Shelley!
  • Shelley Darling
    commented 2020-04-06 04:26:30 -0500
    Thank you, Dr Julie, for you have spoken from the deep chasms of the heart where love’s voice rises from the deep…
  • Julie Krull
    published this page in GOOD News 2020-04-05 22:45:16 -0500