Love Lives Here at the Co-Creator's Convergence



To join the live Resonance Attunement during the Co-Creator's Convergence May 30 through June 3rd, sign up to receive your Daily Digest at and go to Facebook Live on the GOOD of the WHOLE Facebook page.

Co-Creators Convergence is a heart-resonant commUNITY of uniquely gifted souls dedicated to embodying and amplifying our collective consciousness, thereby co-creating a world that works for everyone. We do this with great love, compassion and joy, honoring all realms of Creation, to accelerate the awakening of Humanity.  

You are invited to join with us and fellow co-creators to create with the Field of Consciousness to serve the highest expression of Humanity.

We are family and there are FOUR ways to be a part of this community:

(1) On Facebook 24/7 as part of our group - post your comments, projects and how we can

support you!

(2) Also, 24/7 is the convergent, energy cyber-center known as!  There you will find info about our community, about inperson Convergences - past and future AND an archives of every awesome First and Third Thursday call since January 2014!  They are downloadable.

(3) Join our monthly Third Thursday CCC "(Re)union" video calls ~ click HERE for info on the NEXT CALL

(4) Attend our amazing, annual CO-CREATORS' CONVERGENCE at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado:

Wednesday, May 30 - Sunday, June 3, 2018 



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