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Become a Force for GOOD!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentoring Steward. Together, we are building an evolutionary platform and global network that cultivates the ethos of wholeness and expanded consciousness into every aspect of life for the good of the whole. 


MENTORING STEWARDS – Pledge a minimum of $25.00 per month: 

A Mentoring Steward is one who experiences a heartfelt calling to serve as an ambassador, living in service for the good of the whole. Becoming a Mentoring Steward is a calling and an honor. As a Mentoring Steward, you are eligible to join with other stewards to expand and finely tune your unique gifts and talents, serving in resonance, while hosting events in the Connection Field and other online offerings of GoodoftheWhole.org.

As Mentoring Stewards, we understand and embody the vision and mission of Good of the Whole:             

  • Our Vision is a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and whole.
  • Our Mission is to cultivate an ethos of wholeness and nurture our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole.

As stewards of Whole-Systems Health, Healing and Transformation and a Whole Worldview, we engage heart-based initiatives and practices, expand the evolution of consciousness, and listen for new and emerging social forms. We experience a deeper sense of knowing, trusting the intelligence of the unified field to guide us. As a community, we continuously experience, embody, and express our wholeness for the greater good. 

We invite you to join us as Mentoring Stewards for the Good of the Whole. We gather weekly, delighting in group resonance and building a field of coherence.

Mentoring Stewards enjoy myriad benefits, including:

  • Conscious synergistic connection and community support
  • Listing in the Whole Community Directory with contact information and links to your websites and projects
  • Engagement in our Mentoring Stewards’ private Facebook group workspace
  • Personal support and connection to our Leadership Council
  • Opportunity to contribute art, poetry, blog posts, and offerings in the bi-weekly digest.
  • Be a valued financial contributor to Good of the Whole’s global outreach
  • The possibility of becoming a host in the Resonance Lounge with the potential for a special offering in the Connection Field
  • And… Limitless opportunities to grow and evolve as the Field reveals!

Every little bit helps. In the spirit of a gifting economy, we are keeping this Mentorship/Membership affordable. If you are able to contribute a larger amount to support the Connection Field and other programs, your additional contribution is welcomed and deeply appreciated. 

Enjoy this short video:

Thank you for becoming a Mentoring Steward with your minimum contribution of $25.00 per month. Receive endless inspiration, expand your inherent wholeness, and connect in Heart Resonance with our ever-expanding global family. 

 Sign up here to receive your bi-weekly digest and notice of upcoming events.

We look forward to seeing you at our weekly Mentoring Stewards gathering every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern/ 10 AM Central/ 8 AM Pacific. Zoom details will be emailed weekly to all contributing Mentoring Stewards.

What is it like being a Mentoring Steward? Learn More HERE


Do you feel called to get more involved and co-create with the team? We are co-creating more opportunities to support and contribute to the greater whole, while allowing the greater whole to support our Co-Creative Partners in more meaningful, concrete and specific ways. Are you wanting to give your gifts in a bigger way? Are you feeling in alignment with our mission? Are you an organization with shared purpose? Join us as we network the networks. Let's connect and talk. Contact Julie at julie@goodofthewhole.com or call 308-830-0296.   

ONE TIME DONATIONS: (click here)

ONE TIME DONATIONS (ONE TIME!) AND SUSTAINING "NO-STRINGS ATTACHED" MONTHLY DONATIONS: You may make a one-time, individual donation on the “Donate” tab. Also, if you’re interested in making a sustainable monthly gift, without all the extra benefits and rewards, simply enter the monthly amount you would like to pay on the “Membership” tab and let us know your intentions. We thank you for your enduring support!