Men in Connection


Men in Connection

With John Brockett

Mondays, 8:00 - 9:30 pm Eastern/1:00 m UTC/2:00 am CEST


The Divine Masculine in each of us is being called to show up for our families and communities. We are being called to come forth with the power and strength of our unique gifts and talents as we navigate this unknown territory.  The path we lead will demand the union of our hearts and our minds as we support each other, and our feminine counterparts in this time of global crisis.  May we come together to forge a new template of coherence and cooperation for the whole of humanity.
We will gather every Monday evening to pioneer this critical effort. Together we can make a difference as we support the wisdom in each of us to come forward.




About John Brockett

John has extensive varied experience as a psychotherapist, group facilitator, business consultant, minister, and business owner. John’s experience includes facilitating PTSD groups for returning Viet Nam Veterans, facilitating Men’s retreats in various locations around the country, as well as maintaining a private individual, couples, and family therapy practice for 25 years. John brings an extensive study of spiritual wisdom coupled with scientific evolutionary research as a member of the Advisory Council and as a Mentoring Steward for Good of the Whole. 

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