Modern Toltec Purification Ceremony



With Raul Mijares

Saturdays, 11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am CST/4:00 am UTC/5:00 am CEST

Join us in a Modern Toltec purification ceremony. Modern because we are doing the ceremony online thus, we cannot gather physically around the Fire. Not a problem. Remember, We are Earth! We carry the earth within us wherever we go. In our skin, organs, hair nerves and bones. We are Water! Sacred water of life! It is our blood and flows through our organs, our skin and all our waters. We are Air! The breath of life! We carry the breath of life within we need only to inhale to initiate the process of life within us. We are Fire! We carry our share of the eternal Fire in our hearts through blood and in our brain’s electricity. So, bring yourself and a candle to the sacred Fire that we may be healed. Together we are giving birth to the Sixth Sun Consciousness. 


About Raul Mirjares

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