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    “Building More Human cities" 

The Monterrey, Mexico experience.  Implementing the Wheel of Co-creation.

Citizens of the State of Nuevo Leon Mexico, Co-creating Social Innovations for the Wellbeing of their community towards the Monterrey of the year 2030. During the month of September and October 2014 the Wheel of Co-creation has started it’s first implementation phases in which business, government and civil society leaders gathered to identify and foster Golden Innovations that could lead the city of Monterrey, Mexico to fulfill its ideal state in 2030.

The implementation process has been developed within the framework of the Worldwide Meeting on Human values, that is lead by the Council of Values of the Stateof Nuevo Leon, México. This council is represented by the most prominent business and civil society leaders in the State and all of them support actively the promotion of human values.

The results of the first implementation phases where done at the sixth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values with and audience of more than 6000 people and many personalities from the government, business and civil society sectors. The event was broadcasted live to more than 70 countries and promoted at the Global Oneness Day before more than 100,000 online participants.

The Wheel of Co-creation is being implemented in Monterrey, Mexico and Cairo, Egypt in a parallel way, through an alliance with The Hague Center, who is supporting the intention to build a process and a success story that can be replicated around the world. The Hague Center is an organization based in the Netherlands and its focus is in Global Governance, innovation and emergence and is lead by Anne Marie Voorhoeveand represented by Juan Carlos Kaiten in Mexico and Mona Rabie in Egypt. The objectives of the Wheel of Co-creation implementation process are:

a. Define the 2030 vision for the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico and the projects and actions that are needed to achieve it.

b. Strengthen the social cohesion of the community by fostering a co-creative alliance and synergy between, business, government and civil society leaders, in order to identify and develop the Golden Innovations that can transform the state and help it reach its maximum potential.

c. Create a platform that integrates all stakeholders in the city to work together around success conditions, allowing the measurement of progress.

d. Integrate and investment fund to support the development of Golden Innovations and long term programs to achieve the 2030 vision.

Currently the process is in its 4th phase of implementation.

1st Phase: Research on social context and current state in each sector of the wheel. The four more prominent universities of the state performed the research.

2nd Phase: Presentation of research and implementation of Wheel of Co-creation process to 36 prominent leaders of the city. The deans of the 4 universities that conducted the study did the presentation of the research, and in the exercise there were three leaders per sector representing, civil society, business community and government. In this phase The Wheel of Co-creation methodology was applied in alignment with the Meshwork Process lead by The Hague Center. In this one-day event, several exercises were applied to build a systemic framework that could help identify the Golden Innovations and open the floor for leaders the represent their ideas and dreams.

3rd Phase: It was developed at the Arts Center of Parque Fundidora with more than 200 participants from NGO’s and students. They were presented the identified Golden Innovations by 12 of the leaders of the second phase and were invited to contribute with their gifts and talents to its implementation.

4th Phase: It will be carried out during the whole 2015 in which the Wheel of Co-creation will be implemented in the 12 sectors and Innovations labs will be developed to prototype Golden Innovations.

For more information contact: Juan Carlos Kaiten  [email protected]

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