How do you Receive Messages from the Universe?


How do you receive your messages from the universe? Do you hear actual voices giving your warnings or at least nudgings? Do you hear a faint whisper in your gut? Is it more of a feeling in your body that you can sometimes translate? Do you often feel like your messages come through the words or actions of others that seem to be guiding you in the direction you are meant to go? Does guidance come only when you are silent or alone, such as times in nature or in the shower, or can it come through even in the most chaotic of circumstances?

When you hear or sense these messages, what is your typical reaction? Do you tend to ignore the voice, deeming it to be imaginary or totally impractical, or both? When you have followed the voice, what has been the result? Do you feel like it has steered you away from danger or toward a miraculous outcome? As we go through the shift of heightened vibration of universal energy, the opportunity to connect with the higher dimensions and your higher self is also heightened. Why not be more aware of your ability to connect in whatever way works for you and begin to trust and follow your inner guidance even more completely than before? It can lead to incredible experiences and completely miraculous outcomes.

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Connecting with Celestial Beings


It’s time to connect with beings that are here to assist you in your mission. They are prepared to help you in any way, but they must wait until you ask. Why would you hesitate to ask for help from loving beings who are so eager to assist? Perhaps you don’t feel worthy of the love of such benevolent beings. It’s understandable you might feel that say due to the conditioning that most of us have gone through during our life. However, you are worthy, as you are a child of God just like they are. What would make you any less worthy than anyone else? You might also feel like you have to do this on your own, as an individual, and therefore it is somehow cheating to request help. You may also feel that you have always been the one to help others but have had difficulty asking for help. If you gain pleasure from helping others then why would you deny that joy to others who are longing to help you?

If you feel like it is weird asking help from beings you cannot see, feel or even hear, and therefore you don’t believe in their existence, then that means you don’ t believe in TV or cell phones or anything else that depends on vibrational waves you can’t see or feel. It’s simply a matter of tuning yourself as the receiver to match their frequency vibration and you will be able to hear just as you would on a radio. This is the perfect time to seek this deeper connection with spirits who are eager to help you with your mission. That mission is much more important than any doubts or fears you may personally feel. It’s time now for all of us to cooperate together for the sake of our planet and combine forces with anyone who can help move that mission forward in the fastest and most loving way possible.

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Connecting with the Spirit World


Do you lack faith in your ability to connect with the spiritual world? Is it a lack of self-worth that causes you to think that you are somehow not advanced or pure enough to access this information? Realize that it isn’t a matter of qualification or intelligence. It is simply a matter of desire. When your desire is strong enough then all information will be made available to you. The key is the why of your desire. As long as you are desiring it for selfish or ego-centered reasons then your access will be extremely limited. However, when your desire is genuinely to help other people in the most transparent and beneficial way, then your level of access is so much greater.

What is your deepest desire? Do you truly want to make a difference in the world in order to help people overcome their issues in life? Or is there still a twinge of ego involved, such that you want to get credit for being “amazing”. To the outside world it is wonderful to proclaim your brilliance if that is what they need to hear in order to trust you to help them. Be as bold as you can in proclaiming who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t be shy in this realm, as people are so used to inflated marketing claims that if you aren’t assertive about the value you can add to their lives they will never know about you. However, in your heart, the purity of your desire to be of benefit to others is what will empower you to help create miracles in the lives of many.

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Connecting with the Universe


What would happen if you truly internalized the reality of your connection with the entire universe? If you could move past all of your limiting beliefs and conditioning to recognize your true essence as a powerful creator connected with all of creation, what would you do? Would you need to do anything, or would simply being in that field of awareness be enough to shift your life dramatically?

It is becoming more and more clear, from all directions, that you are an eternal energy system, not some mass of chemicals. As biology, chemistry, physics and spirituality all begin to converge into a unified field of consciousness, you entire perspective can change. Now is the time to feel into your true essence and begin to envision and create from this viewpoint. What do you have to lose, except the limitations and fears that have held you back for so long.

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Multi-dimensional assistance


Are you aware of all of the multi-dimensional assistance that is always available to you? It is hard to even begin to describe the powerful and loving beings who are excited about the opportunity to help you in every aspect of your life and your mission. They may be ascended masters, spirit guides, master teachers, or perhaps beings from other planets. Some may have names while others just use an energetic frequency to identify themselves. The possibilities are endless.

Why would they help you? They are as interested in assisting with the raising of consciousness of our planet as we are. They are excited when you desire to assist in that mission and want to help in any way they can. How do you connect with them? The first step is to simply begin asking for assistance? Continue to carry on a conversation with them, and be willing to be quiet and listen to that small voice in your mind. They may connect with you in different ways, possibly with direct communication, but often by planting thoughts and ideas in your mind, or even through emotions. The key is to trust your ability to connect and keep open to hearing them. They are companions who want nothing more than to love you and assist in your mission. What a wonderful blessing to know that you are being protected, guided, and inspired by so many loving being who are always rooting for your success in every aspect of your life.

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Connecting with Nature


How do you like to connect with nature? Do you consider time in nature to be part of your essence? Is it when you most effectively meditate and commune with the universe? Do you feel like you have become disconnected from nature over the years? If so, how might you arrange your life to spend more time in nature? The benefits of being in the natural world are far too many to even begin to outline here. However, it is very important to remember that we are always and completely connected with the natural world, whether we are conscious of it or not.

We are here on this planet for a purpose, and that purpose isn’t to escape and seek another higher or more spiritual dimension. Instead, we are here to help the energetic resonance of the planet and all its in habitants rise up to a new vibrational energy level. To effectively do this it is important to be grounded and fully embody our connection with the earth itself. Why not make a greater commitment to become more immersed in nature in whatever way is most appropriate for you? This planet is so incredibly beautiful and benevolent, that spending time appreciating Mother Gaia is one of the best choices you can possibly make.

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How Connected to the Earth Are You?


How connected to you feel to the earth? Do you feel more attracted to the stars and the vast cosmos than the earth itself? Do you feel like it is easier to connect with spirit guides and beings from other dimensions than fellow embodied human beings? How connected do you feel to other people with whom you can share your deepest and most intimate thoughts and feelings without experiencing any hesitation or judgment? Do you feel like you can’t connect to other humans who don’t seem to share your values? Is your strongest connection with your dog or other pet who seems to understand you better and love you more unconditionally than anyone else?

Life is all about connections, and you always have a choice about who and what you connect with on a profound level. The world we live in seems to create a disconnect and a sense of isolation from others rather than fostering connections that lead to love and joy. Is it possible to feel completely connected to everyone and everything in creation? This is the spirit of oneness that leads to a sense of being comfortable and connected with the entire cosmos? When you live in this awareness you can be totally fulfilled and joyful at every moment.

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Immerse Yourself in Nature


How important is nature in your life? Do you connect with nature deliberately each day? It may be something like gardening, taking a walk, meditating in the forest, or perhaps shoveling snow or walking the dog. What is the value of this time in nature? Do you feel more connected to the universe? Do you feel that it rejuvenates your spirit? Do you feel healthier when you breathe fresh air and perhaps get some exercise as well?

We cannot overestimate the importance of our connection with nature. Our mother Gaia is the source of all of everything that we rely on for life on the planet. If those making decisions for governments and corporations spent an hour in a forest every day, do you think they would be able to make choices that cause harm to the earth? When we lose our connection with nature we lose our essence as a human being, as we are part of this planet as long as we have a body. Why not commit to devoting even more time to deepening your connection with nature and experience the healing that takes place, for you and our planet.

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Spending Time in the Natural World


How does spending time in the natural world impact you? Do you love to drive through the woods as the sun is disappearing between mountains and reflecting through the trees? Is a walk on the beach or through a wooded path your idea of meditation? Do you love to garden and get really in touch with the essence of the earth? Do you prefer more active pursuits, such as rock climbing, biking, kayaking, or other types of outdoors activities?

No matter how you like to participate with nature, what would happen if it were no longer available to you? Would you be as vibrant and energetic as you are now or would you eventually begin to lose an essential aspect of your life force? Even when nature is readily accessible, do you take time to access its beauty and its healing properties? What are you doing to help to ensure that this wonderful gift of nature will be available in its pristine form for all of the generations that will follow us?


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Value of Water


How often do you truly appreciate the value of water in our life? Do you tend to take it for granted or even occasionally waste it? Do you honor water as a wonderful gift and the true giver of life on this planet? One of the best ways to appreciate water is to sit quietly by a river and contemplate what an amazing force it is. Listen to the constant sound of it rushing over the rocks and you can hear the voice of the Creator. As you envision the network of rivers you can see that it is like the circulatory system of Mother Gaia, bringing life to every corner. It’s no wonder that most major population centers are located on some body of water, often at the confluence of rivers.

The same feeling of complete connection with Source can be felt in the oceans, especially listening to the constant pounding of the surf. Think of the animals that live in the ocean and are as dependent on water as you are. Each time you drink water you can be reminded of the miracle of life and how deeply connected you are to the unbelievably complex design of nature that allows life to thrive on Earth. Remember how important it is to do what you can to ensure that water remains pure and available for all future generations.

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