Navigating Change in Turbulent Times with Sherryl Lin


During turbulent times of change, it is possible to stay calm in the midst of chaos. Listen in as Sherryl Lin and Dr. Julie explore how one can relax and lean into change as systems and structures crumble all around us. Be part of the solution and cultivate healthy, positive change during this time of conscious evolution on our planet. 

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Sherryl Lin is a medical intuitive, healer, seer, author and spiritual guide who uses powerful, divinely-guided healing techniques to bring your physical body and your entire BEing back into balance. Sherryl Lin assists clients around the globe remotely by phone or Skype. Get your daily dose of empowerment and listen to Sherryl Lin's wisdom and inspirations on Empower Radio and on the Empower Radio App available in your app store.

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