Plant Seeds!

Get involved, inspire others, spread good seeds and bring spirit and consciousness to life!  We are all a part of the WHOLE and your participation matters. Have you noticed a number with the words "Seeds Planted" up to right by your picture when you sign in?  SEEDS represent an alternative currency that reflects a commitment to the genius of generative and generous practices.  Each time you share, like, create, invest, donate, volunteer and simply interact on Good of the Whole, you earn (plant) seeds. 

Why Plant Seeds? 

The shared purpose of any generative alliance is to work together to proliferate and co-create healthy growth and expansion.  Good of the Whole is a transmedia alliance co-created to support global initiatives, progressive communities, resonant organizations and transformative leaders as they adopt and practice evolutionary models of generosity and co-creative collaboration.  This “Generosity Model” is the authentic, generous sharing of the brilliance and goodness found in others.  Shared within your circle of influence, the model brilliantly passes kindness forward like seeds being sown. The Generosity Model is an important development in the reproduction and expansion of generative, evolutionary, and integrative new models of being in relationship and doing business.  The invitation to "Plant Seeds" goes out to global pioneers and generous souls who share the inner call to expand the resonant field of unitive consciousness and contribute to the prolific leading and seeding of a sustainable, peaceful, and heart-centered humanity. 

How Do Seeds Grow? 

The field has been cultivated... seeds have been planted... and a new generative incentive program is germinating.  Watch for the SEEDS TO SPROUT in the months to come.  In the meantime, plant those seeds!


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