Practicing Inner Listening


“When you are seated in the awareness of Self, you are lucid.” ~ Michael Singer

At some point in our journey of awakening as co-creators, we naturally turn away from outer authority and the guidance of others when seeking answers and inspired direction for ourselves.  We look within and tune into our essence, the Divine Intelligence (Self) that guides right action moment by moment. 

Begin by creating a safe space that feels sacred, peaceful, and private.

Takea few full breaths into your heart, inviting your body-mind to relax. Feel your connection to the Earth and to Life in all its diverse forms.  As best you are able, open to the fullness of the moment—accepting what is, just as it is. Take your time.


Ask for personal guidance. Invite a question to emerge that is meaningful to you at this time in your life.  Relax fully with an open heart and mind and surrender to the mystery of the moment.


If a question does not come, you might ask:  Where is my energy guiding me in this moment? or  What small act might be of greatest service to my family and community today?


Allow an answer to emerge . . .  It may appear as intuition or deep knowing, or as a feeling or body sensation . . .  You may even hear words . . . In whatever form, this is the still small voice within prompting you moment by moment.  


If nothing comes, just relax and take another few deep breaths.


In a few minutes, open your eyes and record any inspirations, insights, or emotions that have arisen for you.  Connect with this energy and awareness as your true nature, the One consciousness that is expressing as you.

You may notice that your ability to access essence and receive wise counsel from within grows as you continue this practice on a regular basis.


Adapted fromThe Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 by Carolyn P. Anderson

with Katharine Roske; published by Global Family © 2016.

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