Principles for Personal and Planetary Transformation


What will it take to awaken and transform individuals and society at large during this time of uncertainty, potential peril, and rapid change?  Ordinary citizens and leaders in every field of endeavor are contemplating this question, sharing their insights, and playing their part in building a more peaceful, compassionate world.

As a student of conscious evolution and proponent of co-creative practices, I believe that the following are some of the principles that are foundational for building this new world and awakening humanity to its full potential:

Shifting our personal identity:  awakening to the knowing that we are the Impulse of Creation in person; moving away from identifying as a body/mind/personality to the acceptance that we—and all others—are the Infinite in unique form   

Following our inner guidance:  taking the time to listen deeply to the small, still voice that is within; paying attention to and acting upon the directives that come to us from Divine Intelligence

Opening our hearts to one another:  consciously seeing others through the eyes of our heart; shifting from judgment to empathy and compassion; honoring the diversity of all life

Moving from self-centered to whole centered consciousness:  acknowledging that all life is connected and that we are in communion with all living things, whether we are aware of this or not; seeing the “other” as self 

Taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and creations:  accepting that we are co-creating our reality and that it is not appropriate to blame others for our experiences; doing our best to act with integrity to honor the greater good 

Practicing the essential skills of empathetic listening and speaking: educating ourselves to become proficient in the basics of conflict resolution and compassionate communication skills

Balancing our lives:  taking time to nurture ourselves as we serve the planet and others

Identifying and pursuing our unique purpose: following our “compass of joy” and inner guidance in order to discover our soul’s calling; giving our gifts, fulfilling our Divine destiny, and serving our families and communities

Moving from competition to collaboration and co-creation:  consciously linking with others to build resonance, offer solutions to shared challenges, and call forth the highest potential in one another

Aligning with others to create new structures and institutions that empower the good, the beautiful and the holy; partnering with and supporting those who share our vision and values

Using the power of intent to co-create the world we choose:  making conscious choices, experiencing the reality of our intentions, and letting go in a spirit of trust and gratitude 


Carolyn Anderson is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: and

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  • Julie Krull
    commented 2016-01-22 10:03:12 -0600
    Me too, Linda. This is a great road map to follow! Thanks, Carolyn.
  • Linda Rosenthal
    commented 2016-01-19 02:13:32 -0600
    Giving an enthusiastic YES to each of these! Thank you, Carolyn Anderson!

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