Radical Advances in Human Capacities


As we enter the 21st Century it is clear that we have entered an unprecedented global age in which our diverse cultures, religions, philosophies, worldviews and perspectives encounter one another in the marketplace of our global village. It is now clear that our future sustainability on this planet calls for radical advances in our rational and human capacities to negotiate the powerful forces between worlds as the human family moves towards a sustainable global civilization. ~ Ashok Kumar Gangadean

Diversity + Global: Ashok introduces a very simple yet powerful diagnosis of where we are as a species. With our collective, diverse cultures, religions, philosophies, worldviews, and perspectives, we need to learn to live and work together in our ever-growing, complex global village and marketplace (I would add to LIVE TOGETHER and care for our ONE, LIVING PLANET). To survive, he suggests the prescription is radical advances in our rational and human capacities to negotiate the powerful forces between worlds.

What are those rational and human capacities? What capacities are strong enough to counterbalance the powerful forces between worlds?
I asked this of myself. The academic+cognitive+healer part of me immediately began making a list of effective negotiation tools. And the mystic+multidimensional+muse in me started adding the magic and mystery elements. After sitting with this question, I wondered, if there were JUST ONE CAPACITY we should begin with, what would it be?

Dilate Our Hearts and Minds: I wanted to call Ashok and ask him his opinion. He talks about the ((Awakening Mind)), the primary Source Field of all life, and the Source Code of Infinite Presence. I imagine he would suggest we come into deep communion, "dilate our hearts and minds," and rest in the infinite, boundless, fundamental Unified Field of Consciousness, together, where the Source Code reveals greater wisdom.

So, how do we cross worlds? How do we heal the growing pains and trauma of a global world of rich and necessary cultural diversity? We dilate our hearts and minds, commune with the Unified Field of Consciousness, and dialogue!

This sounds like the Monday morning Global Heart Resonance call that Shelley Darling and the Resonance Council of GOOD of the WHOLE host ONLINE every week. What a beautiful training ground to develop this essential and powerful capacity! The world needs this "as the human family moves towards a sustainable global civilization."

Join us every Monday morning at 11:00 am EST/8:00 am PST in The Connection Field.
It's free. You will find the Zoom link, password, and schedule at www.connectionfielddigest.org. All are welcome!


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