AJ Adams: Realizing Your Untapped Potential

Combining comedy, advice, and actionable steps, AJ Adams empowers and equips students and teachers to make real life changes to rise to the next level in life and leadership. 

As early as age 12, he struggled to find his identity, battling with anger, depression and thoughts of suicide. By age 14, AJ had reached a breaking point and decided to run away from home. This type of behavior continued throughout his teen years contributing to falling two years behind in school. Then, in the 10th grace, he dropped out of school. AJ eventually realized his life was going nowhere fast and made the decision to overcome his failures and complete his GED. His journey over the next decade would be filled with many more failures that he would also overcome. 

In the fall 2003, AJ was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to intern as a youth worker in Sydney, Australia. While completing his internship, AJ discovered a passion for leadership and gift for connecting with teens. This opened the door for him to speak at high schools in Sydney, train student leaders and launch several youth programs in Guam and back at home in the US. 

Website: www.AJAdamsOnline.com
Contact: [email protected]

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