Real Talk with the 7th Generation


Real Talk with the 7th Generation

With Cedar George Parker 

Mondays, 9:30 pm Eastern/2:30 am UTC/4:30 am CEST

Life is an extraordinarily beautiful adventure. One moment you can be with a loved one, another moment in our time of existence, we can go through something so dark, that it breaks hearts. For me, it was a school shooting and the death of loved ones, that left us feeling hopeless! 
We all want to love and to be loved in this world we are living in. How do we sustain this? How do we do this properly? How can we be happy in life, despite all our setbacks? Well lucky for us, there is an abundance of visionaries, philosophers, cultural and spiritual leaders, and research to help us accomplish our pursuit of good health, happiness, harmony, and relationships. Let us find this out together. Let’s do this together and let’s keep it real. 




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