Resonance is Love by June Steiner


Resonance is love,
pulsing throughout the cosmos.....
While dancing with joy.

We give and receive,
vibrating our essence....
Reflecting pure light.

Awareness arrives,
and forgiveness awakens....
As we share heartspace.

Each day a new path,
each thought a creative force....
Each act pure kindness.

Life force illumens,
growing higher consciousness....
Searching for wholeness.


Poem by June Steiner, Ph.D.

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  • June Steiner
    commented 2016-04-22 20:39:32 -0500
    Thank you Alexia! Love your shirt…
  • Alexia Salgado
    commented 2016-04-22 14:49:59 -0500
  • June Steiner
    commented 2016-03-17 01:35:32 -0500
    Thank you Julie and Kathryn…our sharing time, space and resonance together fosters creativity and brings energy into words. Aren’t we fortunate to have this playground for love.
  • Kathryn M Brewer
    commented 2016-03-17 00:59:23 -0500
    Beautiful energetic images, especially the last verse. Thank you June.
  • Julie Krull
    commented 2016-03-15 10:43:37 -0500
    Mmm… love the essence of this cosmic path and the resonance that moves us into greater love. Thank you for this beautiful poem, June. <3

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