Heart Resonance: The Joy of Reconnection

 Love Lives Here: Reconnection with Each Other. 

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Join our GOOD of the WHOLE Mentoring Stewards for a journey into the resonant field of the heart.  Experience greater connection peace and joy, as you explore your inner being, as fluid energy in motion. Find your self, flowing and feeling into the inner sanctum of your heart, fully connected and whole as we move from Reconnection of Self to Each Other.

What is Resonance?

The term Resonance comes from Latin resonantia, 'echo', and from resonare, 'resound') Resonance originates from the field of acoustics, particularly observed in musical instruments when strings that are plucked begin to vibrate and produce a harmonic sympathetic tone. This action of creating sympathetic vibrations allows for an entrainment between the two or more vibrating systems or fields, in which the more coherent and ordered field influences the less ordered field, which then reorganizes into greater wholeness, balance and harmony.

Resonance in a group structure or circle allows for a felt sense of harmonic connection between the individuals. When the group intention is to consciously focus on the energy of universal intelligence, the experience then becomes a powerful transformational tool for higher consciousness, raising awareness, while activating a greater sense of wonder, harmony and peace. This creates a shift in the group consciousness allowing for the birth of new and previously unseen, family, community and planetary solutions.

What is a Heart Resonance Attunement?

The beauty of Heart Resonance, when it is activated in a circle or group seems to have an exponential quality that allows each member in the group to attune to the highest collective vibration, sometimes known as the Unified Field.This Field is not unlike a symphony where the whole is greater than the individual parts. When collective consciousness is the intention of the group, each individual becomes the conduit in which the impulse of creation infuses the group heart-mind, allowing an unlimited potentiality to occur. Through a designated emergent process, the circle will automatically be guided towards the manifestation of the “next best version” or solution of the focused theme or topic of discussion.  

The practice of Resonance helps calm the energy of of “Me and Mine” while opening the energy to the collective, “WE’. There is a shift from survival to wonder, awe and thriving; Harmony, peace and the birth of unseen solutions are the results of heart resonance.

Why is Resonance vital for building a world that works for all?

Resonance creates safe environments where clear communication, deep listening and sharing can take place, without criticism, blame or judgment. Resonance builds love, respect, tolerance and acceptance of self and others, while allowing the exploration and building of a new, healthy and sustainable world.

Through conscious intention, we source unconditional love from within our heart, directing a powerful flow of energy and inspiration throughout the circle, and community. Together, we are attuning to the patterns of evolution within us as we begin to transcend the illusion of separation, allowing the integration of our diverse natures back into wholeness.

How does Resonance affect an individual and a community?

  • In an individual the direct experience of resonance can find an internal place of peace and self-acceptance where they can heal, grow, dream and consciously act in ways that are healthy, strong, non-judgmental and inclusive. 
  • In a group, resonance builds cohesiveness, trust, transparency and a desire to find new solutions and ways to build on the goals of the group as a whole. 
  • Resonance in a community brings the power of the individual and the group to a higher level of consciousness and supports the creation of an environment that holds the good, true and beauty of humanity as the goal for all mankind.


You can find more about Resonance at GOOD of the WHOLE. 

Photo Gallery from our Morning Heart Resonance Attunement so far!
Our GOOD of the WHOLE Resonance Council
Shelley Darling, June Steiner, Dinahma Machado, Michelle Marie Pohlad, Theresa "Grace" Barry-Greb, Henry Lepler

We are Global Co-Creatives committed to the GOOD of the WHOLE, listening, speaking from our hearts and intentionally expanding the resonant Field of Love

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