A 4-year-old Superhero

By day, Austin Perine is a mild-mannered four-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama. But once a week, he turns into this alter ego: a superhero set on feeding as many homeless people as possible. Steve Hartman reports.

Living and Dying with Heart

“From joy I came
 From joy I live, 
 And in sacred joy I melt.
Thank you all for helping me to return to the state of love and bliss I believe is real." ~ Pamela Asherah

In 2011 Pamela Asherah was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. She is well aware that in our society death is surrounded by fear, and she prefers to reframe her dying as a dance, where she gets to choose to live each day as a fully as she has always done.

Her hospice nurse Christine Henderson suggested that Pamela create and share a video story of her coming to terms with her situation and how her acceptance has kept her in step with living.

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One World, One Heart Beating

An anthem to global unity sung and played - and with a video created - entirely by children! From ZImbabwe to Canada, the world's children sing for love, tolerance, and peace.

Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere


The MAHB envisions a future that embodies two basic principles— all forms of life are essential and interdependent; and, economic underpinnings, social norms, and individual behavior are all part of a single system operating within the bounded biosphere. In pursuing such a future, the MAHB works to foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the threat of collapse and how interconnected biogeophysical and socio-economic systems contribute to, and are affected by, the existential threats facing humanity; and to develop and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards practices that promote a future in which people can live peaceful and productive lives.  CLICK HERE to learn more.



Pachamama Alliance

Generating a Critical Mass of Conscious Commitment

With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, our programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

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Earth Guardians began as an accredited high school in Maui, Hawaii in 1992, focusing on environmental awareness and action in its core curriculum. Students studied the history of social movements and took action to restore sandalwood forests and shut down the toxic practice of burning sugar cane. The school became recognized throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, with the Dalai Lama presenting the Children's Torch of Hope to twenty-five Earth Guardian students.

Seeing the need to empower and give voice to a wider audience prompted Earth Guardians to relocate to Colorado in 1997 and engage more young people in programs to empower and amplify their voice. Earth Guardians began teaching youth about the involvement in political action and activism, working to stop the spraying of pesticides in public parks, establishing an environmental fee on plastic bags, advocating for municipalizing Boulder's energy grid, and helping to achieve a moratorium on fracking. Earth Guardians received a great deal of press and attention for local actions, allowing the organization to expand into national and international work.

Now with thousands of engaged youth on six continents, Earth Guardians has given youth a voice and direction worldwide in order to become effective leaders and make measurable change in their communities. Earth Guardians is developing the resources to build a stronger collaborative network and cultivate this large wave of youth engagement.




Love Letters From Mother Earth

“Love is not an emotion, it’s not a feeling… the power of love is the law of manifestation itself. Life can evolve and life can thrive because of love.” ~ Anneloes Smitsman


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Jain Festivals of Self Purification: Paryushan & Das-Lakshan


Das Lakshana (Paryusana) celebrationsJain Center of America, New York City Aauysh18 | Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 3.0

Often when struggling with the daunting and discouraging environmental issues confronting humanity, I reflect on the strategy of the Jains and its central teaching of nonviolence. While this religious approach may not suit all, I believe there are some principles which could be shared more broadly to become part of the foundation of a sustainable future built on principles of respect, compassion, and discipline. This week, I consider the Jain Festivals of Paryushan and Das-Lakshan.


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Reflections on an Extraordinary Time: Perspectives from a 21st-Century College Student

Image courtesy of Jake Marble

I’m sitting cross-legged, yogi-like, meditating next to a small pond in an endless forest under an endless sky, bathing in the brilliant light of the moon and a smattering of stars, letting my brain, mind, and soul wander in and out of conscious thought, body chilled, but stilled, by the night’s crisp breeze. The hour is unknown, the date forgotten, all responsibilities of my daily life nothing but a wrinkle in a seemingly long ago time. As I slowly, slowly, lift my gaze across the fallen night, I begin to have what can only be described as a spiritual, organic, out-of-body experience; taking in tree, grass, earth, water, feeling every pore and molecule of my body pulsing to the rhythm of nature, my eyes fix straight across the moonlit twilight, and, as if by forces of magic, or perhaps just the totality of inner serenity, I see a face. An ancient, chillingly familiar, yet unknown visage, that I immediately, without thinking, or comprehending, perhaps from the deepest nodes of my mammalian mind, connect as my hominid ancestor. I know this without knowing, believe it without reasoning, and sense that really, it, and I, are looking deeply into myself. We regard each other attentively… wistfully. A few seconds pass… or perhaps a span of eons. A shiver is sent down my spine. The wind blows its soft breath. I close my eyes. It disappears. I feel changed.     Bettered.     At peace.

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