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PLAN TO RECONNECT: Caravan of Unity, September 1-21, 2020
The Caravan of Unity will convoy across America in the fall of 2020, crossing the country from the West Coast to New York, shining the light of spirit and harmony at public events co-organized with local groups along the way. The Caravan will be comprised of various spiritual, traditional and religious leaders, musicians, artist, activists, visionaries and people from all walks of life who believe that peace is possible and that the time is now.

The vision of the Road to 2020 is a global series of increasingly public transformational events. Events to date have been held in New York City; Crestone, Colorado; Delhi, India; in the Australian outback for the return of Mungo Man; and U Day Ethiopia at the African Union with the United Religions Initiative and other partners. Larger events are now being planned across India in 2019 and in Jerusalem for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020. All these global events are building up to the climactic Caravan of Unity across the United States in September 2020.

UNITY Earth provides the philosophic foundation and framework for a wide variety of activities and organisations. Through festivals, events, education, and community building, UNITY Earth is dedicated to a grassroots approach to spreading the profoundly simple truth that we are one. We are one people, one human family, sharing one planet. 

Music Is Our Method

Our goal is broad, positive public impact. To this end we intend to use the power of celebrity and the joy of music to engage with mainstream news media and influence public opinion. We are planning 7 major musical transformative events to take place along the route.

Sacred Sites

We will chose spiritually powerful places to gather in ceremony and ritual with strong indigenous participation for the healing of the Earth as well as the wounds of our history. Focusing on healing and restoration will fuel us spiritually and inspire increased attention to our relationship to the land that nurtures us.

Virtual & Live Events

In order to reach the largest audiences possible, we will host virtual and livestream events throughout the Road to 2020 and Caravan of Unity, engaging our extensive networks of international organizations and contacts to spread the word to their worldwide constituencies through these events.

Continuity & Community

Another goal is to engage and empower local service, interfaith, interspiritual, ecological, activist and cultural communities who are on the ground in the numerous cities we visit, to lay a lasting foundation for these groups to promote their work and vision in synergy with the work and vision of other groups: a further example of peace and unity lived together.


For more information on The Road to 2020, go to Unity.Earth

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