Zoombaya Campfire Sing-Along

The Sound Resonance Field


The Sound Frequency

With Henry Lepler

Saturdays 7:00 pm Eastern/1:00 a UTC/2:00 am CEST

Join in for a Healing Sound Journey for relaxation and awakening and to help restore balance and harmony to body mind, and spirit. A space to relax and receive. You will be invited, if you like, to tone - sound your voice. Instruments may include voice, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, monochords, flute, chimes and more.



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Happiness. Enough. Love. Peace (H.E.L.P)


Happiness. Enough. Love. Peace.


With Dr. Donald Pet

Saturdays, 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern/ 6:00 pm UTC/ 7:00 pm CEST

Welcome to Einstein’s solution to make life wonderful for our loved ones and humanity. You will learn the 4 HELP qualities: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace we require to survive and thrive in this new era!
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Modern Toltec Purification Ceremony



With Raul Mijares

Saturdays, 11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am CST/4:00 am UTC/5:00 am CEST

Join us in a Modern Toltec purification ceremony. Modern because we are doing the ceremony online thus, we cannot gather physically around the Fire. Not a problem. Remember, We are Earth! We carry the earth within us wherever we go. In our skin, organs, hair nerves and bones. We are Water! Sacred water of life! It is our blood and flows through our organs, our skin and all our waters. We are Air! The breath of life! We carry the breath of life within we need only to inhale to initiate the process of life within us. We are Fire! We carry our share of the eternal Fire in our hearts through blood and in our brain’s electricity. So, bring yourself and a candle to the sacred Fire that we may be healed. Together we are giving birth to the Sixth Sun Consciousness. 

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Poets of the Sacred Fire with International Jaguar Wisdom Council



With Nana Shuni Giron

Saturdays 2:00 pm Eastern/ 7:00 pm UTC/ 8:00 pm CEST

We, Jaguar Wisdom Keepers believe that it is important at this time of great change and planetary ascension to UNITE all people. We teach, that in this moment it's necessary to support each other to nurture the soul and the human spirit with spiritual activity, ancient knowledge, compassion, healing, and bring the transformation at the highest vibration possible. The Jaguar Wisdom Keepers invite all of humanity to become connected, share sacred words from the heart, and our minds. Let’s keep our hearts open and candles burning for humanity, from our homes at this time.
This is your opportunity to come into our Sacred space to share your unconditional love with the world. Maltiox and we will see you all there! Let's create a NEW EARTH together!
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