Seeds Of Peace

Seeds of Peace was founded to create opportunities for young people to come

together across lines of conflict. 

"Haifa Staiti met a kindred spirit at a lakeside summer camp in Maine. The two teens talked for hours under the trees. “I felt I was being heard, and I felt comfortable about sharing my experiences,” she said, adding that they remain good friends to this day.

It was no ordinary summer camp, but one meant to break down divides. Staiti, a Palestinian, and her friend, an Israeli, were early participants in the Seeds of Peace program that allows Israelis and Palestinians to meet in a neutral environment."



What if you had the chance to spend three weeks living with someone you've always considered your enemy? Could you coexist? Would you live in peace? 

“Seeds of Peace breaks down the impulse to … the desire to dehumanize what’s different, the mindset that frames the opposition of ‘the enemy,'” said Biden. “You can’t hope to get anything done on a negotiating table if you don’t take the time to understand the other person.”

He continued, “It’s all too easy to become disheartened, too easy to give into cynicism. But there’s so much power, so much potential in today’s young people. This new generation is the most talented and tolerant in history. All over the world, the young people you’re bringing together are seizing new ways to lead change. They’re gonna win, mark my words.” ~Joe Biden May 2018

Seeds of Peace began in 1993 as an audacious experiment: 46 Arab and Israeli teens came together at a summer camp in Maine in order to share bunks, meals … and competing historical narratives. For most, it was the first time they sat face-to-face with the opposite side. But soon they began to hear each other. They began to trust each other. And they left Camp committed to no longer accepting the world as it is, but rather working towards what it could be.


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