Katherine Skaggs will be doing FOUR LIVE CHANNELED PAINTING SESSIONS with visual and spoken inspiration, working with the themes of reconnecting with Self, Each Other, Earth and the Sacred within All Life, as the focus for each painting session.

Each LIVE SESSION will be BROADCAST LIVE on Facebook.  Click here to find the Facebook Live.


Tuesday, May 1st, 5 pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 12am UTC
Kickoff your 40 days with the first Live Painting Session - Reconnect with Self. 

Friday, May 11, 1 pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3 pm Central, 4pm Eastern, 8pm UTC
2nd Live Painting Session - Reconnect with Other. One hour online (minimum, maybe longer)

Monday, May 21, 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern 9pm UTC
3rd  Live Painting Session - Reconnect with Earth. One hour online (minimum, maybe longer)

Thursday, May 31, 5 pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 12am UTC
4th  Live Painting Session - Reconnect with Sacred in All Life. One hour online (minimum, maybe longer)


Day Forty


Athena - This Greek warrior Goddess brings focus, passion, creativity and power to your world to achieve a reconnection to the Sacredness of All Life. Use this power to connect to the beauty in all life, aligning with its Sacredness and power to create. Avoiding conflict and move into a state of healing and connectivity through a clear focus and compassionate heart. Be wise, rising above conflict and having the ability to move beyond distractions to the rhythm of success. Athena offers stamina and creativity to connect All as Sacred. Let her assist you in accessing the deep, inner recesses of your Spirit for harmony, so you may express it to all.

Day Thirty-Nine

6 of Fire - Forgiveness - Go within to release and forgive to purify yourself of any restrictions, angers, hurts and suffering. Let it go and reawaken your sacred heart spaces of unconditional love for all. From this place you can see, sense and know the truth of Sacredness that resides in all life. 

Day Thirty-Eight


Crone of Wind - Visionary - Move to the place the illuminated and elevated mind to see the beauty and sacredness in all live. Your Divine vision brings healing and new life for yourself and all of humanity.

Day Thirty-Seven

4 of Seas - Desire - Move with your true heart’s desire, honoring the sacred within you and your desires, and you will be able to extend that authentic heart to the sacredness of all life. 

Day Thirty-Six


Kali - This Hindu Goddess is also here to assist you in releasing old ego patterns of self destruction and destruction of the outer world to return and restore your true essence of light, love and beauty. She is here to assist you at letting go of patterns that separate you from the the Sacred of All life, returning you to beauty. Take a moment to look at what needs to “die” in your life, and call Kali to assist you in letting go. With this you will find renewal and regeneration, and the ability to connect more deeply to the Sacredness within All Life.

Day Thirty-Five


Sophia - Sophia is the wise woman to invoke to assist you in awakening your wisdom on Earth. It is time to awaken to your highest path of knowledge in your world, activating spiritual understanding for self and other. Consult the Light of Spirt to know the way to walk in harmony upon this planet and in all your relations.

Day Thirty-Four


Crone of Fire - Transmutation - It is time we all rise from the ashes of difficulty and separation, restoring the sacredness of life, and returning to our true nature of connectivity. Bring your fire and passion to heart, awakening wisdom, compassion and power to rise above the challenges of human life, ascending into the fire of Spirit within your self, and within the Sacredness of All Life.

Day Thirty-Three


Crow Woman - Sacred Law - There is an invisible world as well as the visible realm where we experience Earth. Crow Woman comes in to remind you to connect to the Spiritual essence or consciousness of all life. There is an equilibrium and order to all things in your physical world, born of the consciousness and spiritual dimensions. Align to the highest understanding of sacred truth, call it in, and emanate it to the Highest Divine Truth of All to experience greater love and beauty. This will shape shift your experiences, elevating your spiritual knowing and connectivity.

Day Thirty-Two


Morgan le Fay - All life is connected to Source, offering change and transformation through connectivity to the Divine. Ground yourself and call upon the earth spirits, your angels, the Divine Mother Gaia, and all beings of light to assist you in shape shifting your circumstances. Be present to the power of the elements, and the invisible world, as well as all of the natural world. They are filled with high frequency energy, power and light, that can redirect and heal any experience. Acknowledge the power of the sacred and divine in all life, aligning with its flow.

Day Thirty-One


White Buffalo Calf Woman - Life is a Sacred Ceremony. All life is sacred and connected. It is time to purify anything negative of mind, emotions and body that separates you of its Spirit in your experience. Restore yourself with fire, prayer and ceremony to realize your life is Sacred, as is the life of all things on the planet and in the cosmos. All is connected and interwoven. All is Divine. 

Day Thirty:


9 of Earth - Community - Gather in sacred community and honor the earth, the elements, the directions and one another. All is given. Come together in joy and love and give that back to the Mother Earth. Honor yourself and all you have created on your Earth walk by being in a celebration of Life. Your Tribe calls you! Your individual success create unity, vision and sharing with others.

Day Twenty-Nine:


10 of Earth - Fruition - It is time to honor all you have created! Harvest the good and wisdom from your life experiences!! Find the blessings and open to receive them. Celebrate your harvest and work well done.

Day Twenty-Eight:


8 of Earth - Nurturance - Nurture your life and the earth around you. This Earth Mama encourages you to enjoy tending to the garden of your life, with ease and complete focus. Bring respect and reverence to your entire earthly world, so you may reap the benefits that come from complete loving nourishment given.

Day Twenty-Seven:


Ace of Earth - Manifest - Ground and connect to the Earth to bring your ideas and heart desires to Earth. Know that blessings are abundant and everywhere for you to receive. Prepare to receive gifts of abundance, sacred tribe, better work, good health, and all good things that want to come to earth for you to enjoy!

Day Twenty-Six:


Amaterasu - Sun energy - Illumination - It is time to bring Light and Illumination to your walk as human upon this Earth. Look for the light, and abundant beauty Mother Earth offers you. Do Sun meditations, sitting and grounding on the Earth under the light of the Sun. Bath your world in light, and observe the growth of new life and beauty.

Day Twenty-Five:


Ix Chel - Moon energy - Intuition and Fertility - Ix Chel brings blessings of the Moon and subconscious to bring healing with your connection to Mother Earth and all your relations. Pay attention to your dreams and subconscious directives in relation to Mother Earth. Invite in the power of your intuitive knowing to assist you in bringing grace and healing to your walk upon Mother Earth. Sit in the Moon Light upon the Earth and open to the abundance offered.

Day Twenty-Four:


Lakshmi - As Above, So Below - Lakshmi is the Hindu Mother Goddess of Abundance and blessings from heaven to earth. Call upon her now to assist you in opening to Divine Manifestation, bringing beauty, abundance and blessings from the unseen world into form within the Earth realm. Invite her in for healing and realignment in the physical dimension where all is restored and renewed for your Earth walk. She may help you restore your life in a positive direction if you will pay attention, aligning with her creative flow, opening to receive the blessings on Earth.

Day Twenty-Three:


Pele - Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Thunder - Pele calls you to burn away all the places you have ever dishonored and disrespected yourself, and your relationship to the Earth. Let go of any and all patterns where you eat poorly, think poorly, and treat your world poorly. Recycle. Respect. Renew. Eat clean food and drink clean water. Respect the land and recycle products that you can. Learn to choose a better way, where you stop buying and throwing “away” plastics and things that poison the earth. There is no away. The Earth is our playground and we must learn to live in harmony with her. Pele is here to assist you in making sacred the journey to respect for Self and the Mother, through fire purification.

Day Twenty-Two:


Yemaya - This Great Mother Goddess of the Oceans and Seas urges you to reconnect to the power of the waters of life. Sit on the Earth, in the light of the moon if possible, and connect to the waters of this planet. If you are by the oceans, or streams, sit with your feet in the waters and feel the Mother’s power to cleanse you as well as to rebirth you into your knowing and purity. Take time for spiritual disciplines where you connect inwardly, as well as to the Spirit of Water to reawaken your gifts and connection to the Earth and all Life.

Day Twenty-One:


Gaia - The World is yours - Abundance of Life - Lush, abundant and beautiful Mother Gaia calls you now. It is time to reconnect to her as ally, as Mother and bestower of life. She gives all you need. Walk upon her with respect and in grace, listen and observe what she gives you. Receive her blessings and harvest. Nourish yourself with her food and water. Lay upon her to restore your life force and to clean your field. She is your Mother here and now. She is powerful and offers you all you need if only you will return to her. She offers totality, connection, grounding, nourishment, abundance, wholeness, as well as individuation. She offers transformation. Be present to Mama Gaia, calling upon her benevolent and abundant nature to nourish you and restore you at the deepest levels.

Day Twenty:


10 of Seas - Purity - Your heart’s purity is the blessing that restores you and your relations. Trust your heart to know the way. This is the energy of As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. Through this principle know that the purity of your heart truly lights your path. Bring the highest qualities of love to your experiences, and they will awaken and help you know your own Divinity. 

Day Nineteen:


9 of Seas - Joy - Be abundant in the true joy of your heart and expand that into your life! You are an abundant being, connected and supported through your heart spaces. Take time to play in Mother Nature to restore your fun, play and joy for life. It’s contagious. 

Day Eighteen:


6 of Seas - Pleasure - Immerse yourself into the true pleasure of connection through the openness of the heart. Regenerate your heart spaces through the expansive joy and pleasure of giving and receiving. From this space experience the abundant pleasures of emotional flow and of the life you have been given to enjoy.

Day Seventeen:


5 of Seas - Cleansing - Trust the waters of life to clean your heart and soul. Give that to yourself. Allow the waters to flow through you and your relations, releasing that which does not serve, and blessing all that is love.

Day Sixteen:


Uzume - Lighten Up - Don’t take it all too seriously! Uzume, the Fool, calls you to the energy of the Sacred Clown, who is irreverent to the seriousness of life. She calls you to laugh, to lighten and to refocus to the power of a light heart. The best way to neutralize the heaviness of life is to move into the lightness of your heart’s laughter and joy.

Day Fifteen:


Shakti - Ecstatic Union - Shakti is here to remind you that you are a being of great power and light. Move your kundalini light energy upwards to awaken your oneness with Self, whole and complete, and bring that to renewal of your relations. Be whole and awaken unto yourself, and be present to the wholeness of those you meet and connect with.

Day Fourteen:


Mother Mary - Sacrifice attachment to your relationships and the limited human forms they take. Be present in love, and the eternal nature of spirit. Release all that is not love, and return to your ability to “see/sense/experience” yourself and the other as Divine. Mother Mary teaches unconditional love and acceptance, and invites you to its power in your relations. 

Day Thirteen:


Mary Magdalene - Initiation - Bless your relations through ritual and ceremony. Honor the Divine within each other, initiating higher consciousness through intention and clarity of relationship. Honor and revere your holy essence as well as the holiness in each person you meet. From this place you give a blessing,

Day Twelve:


Isis - Healing/High Priestess - Honor your inner guidance and intuitive knowing. Bring this wisdom to your communications in how you first of all connect to yourself, and then to your relations. From this place you will bring healing and new beginnings. Take counsel from within, and honor that within the other. 

Day Eleven:


2 of Seas - Love - Connect to the dolphin energy of play, dancing in the waters of love and intimacy on all levels. Come into union through joy and a fully open heart. Love is who you are, and it is all around you to experience through love. Bring it to all your relations for deeper connection.

Day Ten:


7 of Fire - Courage - Be courageous and of a great, illuminated heart for yourself and your world. Face your inner demons and dispel the fear through self trust and total honesty. Your sacred heart knows the way through trust, love, light and presence. Courage comes from your inner fire, where you find the will, strength, and passion to meet life’s tests. Blaze your way on the lion path of courage!

Day Nine:


Ace of Seas - Ecsta-Sea - It is time for an emotional breakthrough into new dimensions of feeling! Infuse the power of love into yourself and all of your life, aligning with the powerful forces of your heart to bring loving wisdom, cleansing and nourishment. With this you will be uplifted to new emotional heights.

Day Eight:


8 of Fire - Expression - Dance! Express yourself. Move, dance, celebrate. Bring your fiery passion into form through your body, restoring your power of expression. Dance, paint, sing, write, and express through joy and love. 

Day Seven:


Maiden of Fire - Revolution - Be authentic, honest and outrageous. You are the Revolution you have been asking for. Within you is a wild woman (man) who knows her way through the fire of her heart and soul. Reconnect to this fiery energy to shape shift and illuminate your world. 

Day Six:


Uzume - Lighten Up - Don’t take it all too seriously! Uzume, the Fool, calls you to the energy of the Sacred Clown, who is irreverent to the seriousness of life. She calls you to laugh, to lighten and to refocus to the power of a light heart. The best way to neutralize the heaviness of life is to move into the lightness of your heart’s laughter and joy.

Day Five:


Lilith - Restore your authentic power - Reclamation - It’s time to reconnect and reclaim your power and authenticity. Honor and respect yourself. You were born equal and possible. Trust yourself and what you know from within, so you can express it powerfully in the world around you. 



Pleiadian Star Goddess - Destiny - Now is the time to open and receive. Great Spirit and the Pleiadian Star Goddess are raining blessings upon you and your life. Open and be aware of your gifts, your heart’s inclinations and urges, and the message and support all around you. Your soul’s destiny calls you. Be quiet and still, so you can know, and so you can receive. 



Kuan Yin - Compassion for Self - Stop and go within to your heart of unconditional love and compassion. It is time to give to yourself as you would another, with understanding, forgiveness, acceptance and mercy. You are at your deepest nature compassionate and Divine. Sit in your heartsease and expand this to self and all.



Brigid - Creative your life - Reconnect to yourself as the dreamer and creator of your life! You are the alchemist who knows how to take what has been created, add some love, inspiration, intention and magic, and create anew, transforming the old, worn, lower frequency life into a new, expansive, golden experience.



Aditi - Great Void - Aditi and the Great Cosmic Void beckon you into the world of potential and possibility. What would you truly want for yourself? How big can you dream? What are your intentions for joy, love, peace, and ecstasy? How good can it get? Plant your seeds of hope, love, abundance, beauty and a fantastic life into the energy of Aditi’s womb, and expectantly, excitingly watch like a child at Christmas. Be open to possibility and potential as you dream your life anew! Be curious in your openness. How good can it really get? 



She is inspired to bring beauty, love, soul healing and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary art; empowering classes and workshops including intuitive painting classes, Artist Shaman Healer Sage courses, Journeying with the Goddess workshops; monthly New Moon Goddess Wisdom Circles and Full Moon Shamanic Healer Circles; in addition Katherine offers intuitive guidance and healing services including soul portraits (a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance), intuitive readings and soul guidance sessions, shamanic healing sessions and spiritual coaching. Life’s experiences tell her that each breath is sacred, to live fully, to choose love in every moment, to aim for happiness and joy no matter what, and to see the divine within all beings.  You can find her at www.KatherineSkaggs.com.

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  • Kathleen Brigidina
    commented 2018-05-21 02:04:46 -0500
    Thank you Judith,
    I am also a curator of virtual exhibitions and would love to know if you would like to submit a piece to our most recent exhibit “Voice of the Forest”
    Here’s the link www.art4changeglobal.com
    sending love. Kathleen
  • Judith Anderson
    commented 2018-05-17 22:49:53 -0500
    Thank you Katherine for sharing your gifts. I really appreciate and enjoy coming here daily to tap into this wonderful energy, guidance and art, also your live videos are fantastic!
    Love Lives Here
  • Kathleen Brigidina
    commented 2018-05-02 09:11:56 -0500
    As one artist to another on this journey of Love Lives Here, I’m sending you Much gratitude for your wondrous creative voice. I love your work and would love to chat with you about the possibilities.