SPIRIT DOODLING: The Effortless Expression of NO-MIND by Victoria Friedman


My perception is that doodles simply happen. The whole experience is mysterious and spontaneous. I do not think about the doodle when I doodle. There s no thinking in the doodling. They come from the dimension of "No - Mind." Although I usually doodle when my mind is occupied, I have found in the process of creating my book "Spirit Doodling Effortless Expression of NO - MIND" that once the doodling state has been discovered, one is able to enter it as soon as the doodling begins.

I am doing something that is happening in a completely silent space within me, and it flows out from there through the pen onto the paper. I wish everyone could experience that sense of effortless, infinite, pure creativity. When people see me doodle, I know they would also like to doodle, but when they see my doodles many are hesitant to try because they doubt their own artistic skills. The artistry in doodling is not in the skill. It is in the flow and the experience. I have observed people doodling, and most people just assume that they are doing nothing and throw it out when they finish whatever task is occupying them. They don't realize the value of this no-thing.

For a short while, it may be an effort just to keep doodling while listening as you normally would to the lecture or webinar. Soon, without you even knowing it, the No-Mind state begins to take over. If you find yourself judging again, you can be sure the critical mind has re-entered the picture. There is no mistaken way to draw a doodle! If you just continue, the doodle will perfect itself in ways that will delight and astonish you. After a while you will develop trust when you see that your first attempts, which you wanted to discard, become your favorite creations. 

Sometimes I let the doodle start with my eyes closed and then open my eyes and let it continue. The process feels like creation itself. Just as there is no wrong flower, there is no wrong doodle. The personal mind is always thinking in the opposites: ...this is good...this is bad. No-Mind makes everything possible. There are no accidents. If the pen seems to slip or the ink smudges, trust that creativity will integrate it all into a new pattern even more exciting than before. Nothing is controlled, so all is acceptable: strange is acceptable, crooked is acceptable, tense is acceptable, elegant is acceptable and even ugly is acceptable--not only acceptable, but lovable.

Deep lessons ...indeed

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