Standing in Sacred Authority


Standing in Sacred Authority: Leading the Change with Ancient Mayan Cosmology

12-Week Live Zoom Training

Wednesdays, 9:30 pm Eastern/2:30 am UTC/3:30 am CEST

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Become a Mayan Cosmology and Astrology Time Keeper.

The ancient Maya were accomplished observers of the sky. Using their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, the ancient Maya developed one of the most accurate calendar systems in human history.

The Mayan calendar is actually composed of 23 different calendars. This course will lead you through an in depth study of the Haab - solar calendar - & the Chol'ij - ceremonial calendar.

In addition, Jose Ajpu will give instructions regarding the Sixth Sun calendar. The Sixth Sun calendar is a combination of different astrology teachings from around the world - both ancient and modern; including the i-ching, Tibetan, Hopi sun calendar, Mayan, Mashika, as well as an integration of the Gene Keys and Human Design Codes. To learn this system you first must learn the Mayan calendar. What you can learn now in these 12 weeks - in the past took 13 years to achieve.



At the end of this course the attendees will be able to:

1. Utilize the sacred calendars in everyday life

2. Perform basic mayan astrology readings

3. Receive the Codex

4. Stand in your sacred authority

5. Lead the change with ancient Mayan cosmology

(The idea for the codex came out in the 1970s from a scientist from Iraq who wanted to bring the awareness of mesopotamian culture to the western world. He sought out Tibetan, Hopi and Mayan eleders - who had visions and prophesies of what was to come after 2012. Their goal was to create a tool that would unite humanity in a new system of time. They created the Codex - which carries many remedies and technologies for the new age. The codex combines past and future into this living system of the eternal present.)

Lastly, you will be able to make a choice to live a life of Service in a conscious way.

Your Options for Reciprocity:

  • Pay in Full: $555
  • Make Three Payments: $199 each (July 22nd, August 19 and September 16)
  • Gifting Economy: We honor all persons and circumstances. If you feel called to take this course and need to arrange a different payment plan or exchange, please email Shelley at [email protected] or call 415-516-3555 and leave a short message. 

All sessions will be recorded for your convenience. However, your presence and participation is encouraged.


About Jose Ajpu Munoz


Jose Ajpu Munoz is a Time Keeper, spiritual guide and ceremonial leader of the Mayan ChorTi people. Additionally, Jose is the carrier of the new 26,000 year Cycle Calendar known as the Sixth Sun Calendar which started at the turn of the cycle in December 22nd 2012, and the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529. Jose spoke at the World Peace Summit in Korea in 2014, 2015, 2016. He travels and teaches throughout the "Northern Territories" which range from Guatemala to the west of Alaska and to the East of Montreal. He has been dedicated to world peace since 1990. Jose has presented to the United Nations and works with several other peace organizations. Jose’s current mission includes speaking to audiences raising awareness of the Global transformational events coming to Humanity on the Path to 2036, and bringing Sixth Sun Mayan Calendar schools of thought as solution proposals for the survival of all species local to Mother Earth. As Jose says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”; Jose helps the people remember that “We are all indigenous to the planet.


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