Star Borne

With Shelley Darling & Oriana Marici


I know what the world wants to be

When it grows up

I overheard it dream

But who holds the world

When it cries?

And what does it see

When it looks at the skies?

And why does Heaven

Feel familiar?

If I could hear the stars

From the heart of the world,

I’d give that subtle sound

A Voice

For I know what the world sees

When it looks at the skies

And it’s Time that it rubbed 

The sleep from its eyes

So as not to be late

For the Universe.


~ Oriana Marici


Question to Ponder . . .

Buckminister Fuller said that the Universe is one star.  We are inside of it.

As the world awakens to knowing we are the Universe, the Universe is calling us forth, 

Like an expectant parent loving the unborn life into existence.

The world is a baby being borne. We are the child. We are the Womb.

How do we hold this precious child and comfort it through the “crisis of birth”?

How do we feel even more deeply our Universal connection as the Star being borne?

Borne.  Not a noun, something you do once, but a verb, the ongoing sensation of being carried by the currency of Life.


What is the subtle sound of being Star Borne that you hear from the heart of (your) the world?



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