Sustained Change in 2015 with Monica Sharma


We are living in a time of whole system transition on a personal and planetary scale, and it affects every aspect of life as we know it. Patterns of possibility are emerging that have never before been available. Millions of individuals and organization are self-organizing to actively make a better world. Technological innovations and collective wisdom have created unprecedented opportunities for change. The new science of consciousness is revolutionizing our worldview, and the interdependence of all life is now an established scientific fact. Yet, nearly half the population can barely eke out an existence. What’s missing? Tune in and find out.

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Trained as a physician and epidemiologist, Monica Sharma worked for the United Nations from 1988 to 2010. As director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations, she designed and facilitated programs for whole systems transformation and leadership development throughout the world with measureable results.

Currently as an international expert and practitioner on leadership development for sustainable change, she continues to assist the United Nations, as well as universities, management institutions, governments, business, media, and other organizations.

She designs and directs large programs globally, and has lived and worked in both developing and developed countries. For example, she established and implemented programs in 40 countries to prevent and treat HIV AIDS and pioneered the strategy for whole systems transformation to reduce maternal mortality in South Asia. She received The Spirit of the United Nations Award in recognition of her contributions.

Monica Sharma created and uses a unique response model based on extensive application –a conscious full-spectrum model- which simultaneously in time solves problems, shifts systems and creates new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity and transformational leadership.  This model has generated sustainable results worldwide.

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