The 2016 Power Strategy: Five Tips to Claim Your Creative Potential


They say New Year's is for setting goals and making resolutions. So, go ahead. Make your Bucket List. Follow your dreams. Create a Vision Board. Success is yours in the near future. The best is yet to come. Someday. This year. Maybe. You can start next Monday – when pigs fly. Or, with the New Moon. Since you’re reading this, TODAY must be your lucky day. You mustn’t forget to check the Chinese Calendar. Wait until the time is right, right? But, there is no right or wrong time. So, all is well. It’s never too late to change. There is still time. There’s no better time than the present (when the stars are aligned). Just don’t get behind the eight ball, or you’ll have to chase that dream farther and faster than ever. And, you will have to wait for the world to change. No big deal. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Are you confused yet? When it comes to power and success in 2016, I invite you to re-think everything. Everything! 

Never mind. I take that back. Don’t think. It is time to STOP thinking and re-thinking everything. Get out of your small mind where time, space, goals, checklists, dreams of the future and the calendar exist. Break out of the illusion of separation. Step out of your limiting beliefs and step into your infinite power and creative potential.    

This is it! This moment IS your life. The flowing presence of NOW is where you will find your creative power. So, your 2016 Power Strategy is to relax into expanded consciousness and claim your creative power.  How?

1.  First, stop imagining that something “out there” is needed to make you complete, whole, happy, or successful. 

You are complete and whole in this moment. Claim it and experience the magnificence of who you really are, right here, right now.  Learn to love everything in your life and all of that you have created thus far. This is you. This is your life. This is your creation. Love everything. Love yourself, completely and unconditionally. There is nothing “out there” that will change or fill the illusion of being incomplete. It’s an illusion. Let go of the beliefs and limitations that keep you from experiencing the fullness of your creative potential. There is nothing – no thing – out there.      

2.  Get out of TIME. 

Let go of the past and stop trying to live in the future. Create in the present moment. The minute you “think” about the past or the future, you take yourself out of the flowing presence and your creative power. Even a nanosecond with a fleeting thought takes you out of the infinite, flowing presence of now. Time creates separation. Flowing presence creates power. Goals and expectations are simply ideas that come from your finite mind and limited understanding of life. Those thoughts project your mind into a future that doesn’t exist. Imagine trusting and allowing a higher, creative force to wildly flow through you. Follow what presents. Trust the creative juice. The instant you question it, you move back into your mind. Creative power is not found within the construct of time or thought. Creative power is in the infinite, flowing presence of now.       

3.  Synchronize and integrate your heart, mind, body and soul. 

You are the driver of your life. This is your creation. Your mind is like the engine in the car. It knows what to do when you turn on the ignition. Let it quietly do it’s thing, running in the background. When you drive a car, do you think about how the piston transfers force from expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft? Likely not. You are driving in the moment. Allow your beautiful mind to do its thing and don’t get stuck there. Drive. Your body is like the car. Take good care of it. Your soul is like the path – the right path. It is your connection to the Divine bigger picture; the entire map. Your soul has already constructed and maintained the perfect path for you. You won’t get lost. So, bring your awareness to your heart in every moment – this moment. Your heart is like the navigation system. Feel your way through the flowing presence. Tune into your heart for guidance. Your heart knows when to turn, slow down, and speed up. When you integrate and synchronize, you automatically align with your soul’s path and work with your beautiful mind to get you where you’re going. Breathe. Tune-in to your heart and practice using the power that comes with the simultaneous embodiment of heart, mind, body and soul.  And don't forget to enjoy the ride.

4.  Co-create with Creator. 

All of Creation is creating in every moment. Harness that creative power by allowing the impulse of Creation/Creator to CREATE through you. God/Creator/Source is right here, right now. There is no separation. The creative intelligence of the Universe is at your fingertips, as well as in every cell of your being. The same creative impulse that blooms a flower and breaks down compost, beats your heart and strengthens your bones. Ask for assistance; guidance; resources. Have faith. Experience your connection with the Divine. Partner and co-create with Creation. Your authentic power and creative potential lies in your ability to trust and surrender – opening yourself to be used as an instrument of God’s Peace. Co-create an expanded life with more beauty and greater love.       

5.  Stop waiting for the world to change. 

You are the world. You are the change. Your service to the world begins by fully embodying the divine expression that is you. Advocacy for world peace starts by actualizing your inner peace. Activism for justice and equality begins with improving your relationship with yourself and others. Raising environmental consciousness begins with an intimate union with your body, home, and the earth. You are the change. Love your Self. Love your neighbor. Commune with nature. Serve your community. Create harmony with ALL those around you – at home, in your family, in your work place, in your neighborhood. This is it. Simple. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything outside of yourself to change. And you don't have to travel far to make REAL, significant change!

There you have it! Authentic power in 2016 won't come from setting goals or chasing dreams. It’s not about waiting for the right moment or for others to change. There is nothing outside of yourself you need. Your creative power and potential are right here, right now – between the letters of the words you’re reading – and as close as your breath. Connect with Creator and Creation while you rest in the awareness of love and the power of your heart. You are Divinely guided and poised to claim your fullest, co-creative potential in the flowing presence of now. Happy Now You. Happy New You. Happy New Year. And, congratulations! Today is your day! Will this moment be yours?



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