The Amplifield: Social Mindfulness


On Wednesday, February 17th at exactly 7pm PDT we are beginning an awesome, new experiment on The Amplifield. While using technology to connect us more deeply through the timeless practices of mindfulness and meditation is certainly at the core of The Amplifield’s mission, we do not want to dismiss the power of connecting with one another personally (and physically).

This is why we are beginning a series of events called ‘Social Mindfulness‘ on our app that bridges our synchronized meditations on The Amplifield (that anyone in the world can join) with a few communities of meditators who are practicing together, in person.

While mindfulness and meditation continue to ‘explode onto the scene’ and become more mainstream each day, we believe The Amplifield is so critical to this movement because it’s technology enables deeper connections between participants.

Social mindfulness (or social meditation) appears to be the next logical step…and I invite you to join this event on February 17th and even start your own mini-gathering of friends during this unique meditations that aims to bring people closer together!

Attending an Amplifield Synchronization:

1. Make sure you have the correct day and time (check time zones)
2. Log into The Amplifield and make sure you see the globe and intention stream
3. Make sure you are in the Global room (default room)
4. Make sure you have the Silence track selected (default track)
5. Make sure your volume is turned ON!

 Once you have done all these things the event will start at the allotted time and you will hear it!

Experience Amplifield:

February 17, 2016 at 7:00pm - 8pm

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