The Art of Living a Co-Creative Life


Have you heard the new buzzword “co-create?”   You may have heard people mindlessly using it interchangeably with collaborate or cooperate.  In business, it is used as a shared marketing strategy.  However, the term has a more powerful, generative meaning that can change your life.  The art of co-creation is a transformative, integrative, and spiritual way of being in the world.  Imagine being in the flow with Divine Intelligence and moving through life with ease and joy.  It’s possible.  You are part of a greater whole and fully supported by the Universe.  It is time to wake up, live consciously, and fully express the magnificent, divine blueprint that resides deep within each one of us.

So what is a co-creator and how do you live a co-creative life?  Barbara Marx Hubbard defines a co-creator as “one who is experiencing the creative intention of the universe incarnating as their own intention, expressing that intention as an essential self in creative work, and joining with others doing the same; one who co-creates with spirit, with others, and with nature.”  In the Co-Creator’s Handbook, Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske say a co-creator is “one who surrenders and aligns his will with the intention of Creation, the universal mind, the designing intelligence, Spirit; one who shares his gifts and actualizes his dreams in synergistic play with other co-creators to bring forth a new world.”

To understand the art of living a co-creative life in the simplest form, let’s break it down into three simple steps:  align, connect, and embody. 


When we are practicing mindfulness and conscious choice, it is easy to be present to this powerful alignment – with every thought, word and deed – and, in every moment.  The first step is to awaken from the illusion of separation.  We are not separate from Source (God, Creator, Universal Mind, Divine Intelligence, or whatever term you may use for higher power) and we are not separate from each other, or the earth.  We are one living organism – a whole system – and as we remember this truth, we yearn to align with the bigger picture.  The divine intelligence that pulses through creation, pulses through us.  Seeing ourselves as an integral part of creation, we find our place, our guidance, and our purpose.  Align with your co-creative partner-Source, and renew a commitment to your soul’s purpose.  You will experience a deeper, more meaningful, sacred life.


Once you align with Source and your soul’s purpose, it is easy to find resonance with others on their divine right paths.  Begin by learning how to create heart resonance and connection with yourself, first.  Close your eyes and breathe into your heart space.  Connect with the expansive essence that comes from the powerful electromagnetic field of your heart.  Make this a daily practice.  It’s easy.  Stop several times a day, take a few deep breaths, and reconnect with your heart.   When you experience the magnitude of heart resonance, begin consciously connecting with others in that same resonant field.  Connect heart-to-heart in all your relationships, communications, and gatherings.  Use the connection to discover shared purpose and shared vision.  When we are in alignment with Source and our soul’s purpose, and connected with other like-hearted individuals, we begin the powerful journey of co-creating a new world reality.


The third step in living a co-creative life is the embodiment of these principles.  It’s one thing to “think about” alignment and connection.  It’s another to embody and integrate the consciousness into a transformative way of being.  Embodiment is a sacred opportunity to fuse your higher and lower self, body and soul, psyche and soma.  Embodying co-creative consciousness creates an integrated inner space with the external world and moves us one step closer to Heaven on Earth.  Begin with the practice of generosity.  Actively give your aligned and connected self in service of the greater good.  Tap into your passion and give back, from that place, to the Whole – it creates more wholeness.   YOU, your gifts, and your soul’s purpose, matter.  You are part of the divine plan, so embody this new consciousness and put it into action – in thought, word, and deed. 

The art of living a co-creative life is simple when we remember these three simple steps – align, connect and embody.  As Anderson and Roske prescribe, let’s share our gifts and actualize our dreams in synergistic play with one another.  In doing so, we will bring forth a new co-creative world.

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