The Boy and the Starfish - 100% Mad

Millennials (2014 Survey in US) have identified “Making A Difference” as their #1 need in their life after graduating college.

The youth of today don’t have time for never-ending causes. They are a generation raised on 140 characters or less, a generation whose concentration spans have withered in the face of sound- bytes, hashtags and two minute YouTube videos, all of which seek to condense an ocean of information into smaller, more palatable chunks for quick and easy consumption.

They don’t want to rally behind problems. They want to rally behind solutions. It is this spirit that embodies the essence of 100%MAD. To help ignite this movement, 100%MAD is inviting filmmakers across the world to submit a 60-90 second video clip which captures the theme ‘connecting people to make a difference.’ 100%MAD aims to empower 18 – 34 year olds to Make A Difference and is on a mission to raise $1 million dollars, $1 at a time, for causes around the world that guarantee that 100% of the money received will be deployed into philanthropic projects without any deductions and focus on 100% completion.

100%MAD was set up up to empower people who can Make A Difference with a nominal amount. This amount being $1, and inspiring the phrase, “I’m 100%MAD and I Give a Buck.”

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