The Future of Business

The intention of this short film is to express the heartfelt concern that motivates World Business Academy Founding President Rinaldo S. Brutoco to put his effort, time and energy into the World Business Academy. The World Business Academy is a nonprofit think tank and action incubator located in Santa Barbara, CA. WBA works to inspire business to assume responsibility for the whole of society.

The major ongoing project of the World Business Academy is our Safe Energy Project. Headed by Project Director Dr. Jerry B. Brown, the goals of the Safe Energy Project are to (1) rid the state of California of nuclear power plants, (2) stand up for ratepayers’ interests in proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission and (3) to introduce and champion a plan for the conversion to 100% renewable energy in California called the Clean Energy Moonshot Project, to create a replicable renewable energy model for the world. 

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