The Joy of Connecting to Your True Self


The essence of the soul is love. How does love manifest in the reality (or duality) of life? It’s experienced as the emotion of joy or bliss. One way to tell whether or not you are connected to your true essence is to recognize how much joy you are experiencing currently in your everyday life. If you are feeling joyful on a consistent basis then it’s pretty certain that you are integrated and living your soul purpose.

However, if you find that joy is elusive then perhaps it’s a sign that you need to reconnect with your higher self, your soul essence. One way to do this is to create a joy list. Simply begin to list the things you do that bring you joy. Also include on the list things you used to do that either no longer bring you joy or that you haven’t done in quite a while. See if there is a pattern of increasing joy or decreasing joy in your life. Now include things you

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