The Template of Zep Tepi

Tapestry of Wonder


The Template of Zep Tepi

Co-authors Miranda, Adel Compton, Joyce Seng, Susan Sleight,Randall Holubiczko, Charlie Riverman, and Woven into One by Oriana


What does it feel being One Heart wondering? How does One Heart beat - the first time? To the Ancients, Zep Tepi?

I am the water loving you Always, I pivot on the point of Timelessness bathing in resonance, the heart beat heard in a dance of singularity.

Living water holds the light of the waxing waning moon. Water, the tide, the heart of the heart of the heart of life yet unfurled.

My heart is dancing from inside the inside. Energy pulsing, peace giving, grounding me on the right path, smiling with pleasure of synchronicity and peace.

I awaken the moment. In stillness I am aware of my heart beat - the miracle the Divine created. Heart takes center stage bringing my love to the greater good.

The pulse felt from the Origin. Where does it start? Where does time begin? Where does it become a when? When time begins? Or when it ends?

Merging as a torus of perpetual motion beginning and ending inside the beginning spiraling inside the ending as the seed forms the Entelechy.

The Origin. Before time begins, beyond when it ends, all existing never ceasing perpetually moving. What is it moving through?

My love. Flowing realized potential, awakening to see the unfolding as it is weaving us into ourselves anew.

Unfurling, playfully unwinding, heart first within the vortex. I disappear - pulsing timelessly to nourish all life.

Pulsing in infinity of the Entelechy within the Still. Perpetual living water, peace flows rhythmically in the currency of love.

Heart expands knowing no boundaries. Love knows none. Trying to make sense of it all - makes no sense.

Softly walking along the gently flowing water in wonder of all that is, I ponder what is beyond the all - or is that all? I wonder.

Of the Radiant, the point from which all light emanates the simultaneous movement of all that is yet no perceptible movement.

Just beyond the liminal, the Not that is Yet to be, all is Still the formlessness, the Implicate Order arising as the Template of Zep Tepi.

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