These Times Call for Revolutionary Agreements With Marian Head


The world works by agreements, whether spoken or unspoken, conscious or not. We all have agreements. The conscious practice of agreements can revolutionize the world and create a more loving place. Learn for yourself how to turn unnecessary drama into greater inner peace, strengthen your marriage, improve your parenting, create a happier work environment, enhance community relations, and effect positive change in the world. From the personal to the political, Marian Head offers a personal path to peace on earth.

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Marian Head is the author of Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth; also Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage; AND The Suprasexual rEvolution: Toward the Birth of a Universal Humanity, co-authored with Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Marian has been a revolutionary in government, education, and business. Whether guiding a Fortune 100 team to clarify its values, co-chairing a graduate department on Leadership and Organizational Transformation, running her own multi-million$ business, or co-facilitating the Global Forum of Parliamentary and Spiritual Leaders on Human Survival in Oxford and Moscow, Marian demonstrates competent love in action.

Through her ICF-accredited Certification Program, Marian spreads the seeds of a new revolution, demonstrating how to elevate one's Self in a way that serves the Good of the Whole.

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