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Together in Creation



Our Work:  Initiating and supporting pathways for transitioning to a new form of healthy planetary eco-governance.

Our Core Principle:  Health is our most precious resource. As an interconnected planetary ecosystem, our well being is interdependent with the well-being of the environment and all species. Our role as a humans is to contribute to the healthy evolution of life.

Our Primary Challenge:  To shift from systems designed to control life for the privilege of some, to systems designed to cultivate Life for the benefit of all.

Our Pathways:

Eco-Governance: Articulating principles and processes for shifting from democracy to global eco-governance based on holistic healing wisdom.

A Global Healing Movement:  Co-creating initiatives that support the global healing movement, and the implementation of eco-governance, to ensure the sacred stewardship of our shared eco-system.


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Humanity, Religion, Science and Beyond


Humans have turned to religion and to science for answers about the vast, mysterious world we live in. Neither science nor religion however have succeeded in guiding humanity to a healthier, kinder engagement with each other and the planet.

Paradoxically mainstream science and religion considered to be polar opposites, have fundamental similarities. While we can argue that both have contributed to humanity, both have also been manipulated in service of agendas that are dangerous to people and planet. The pious attitude towards science that justifies exploiting and damaging life in order to learn about it, is as dangerous as any organized religion that justifies oppression in the name of an abstract God.

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Holistic System

The Whole Conversation: Together in Creation

The Whole Conversation with Julie Krull

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Co-Creating Pathways

Vital Solutions Become Available


Deconstructing Democracy




Deconstructing Democracy was written as a response to global events and to a series of “democratic elections” across the world that ushered into power, governing parties increasingly antagonistic to the so called democratic foundations of freedom, equality and justice. Scanning the record of democratic countries worldwide, it was hard to identify any one country that could truly shine the democratic values they claim to uphold. All seemed, to some extent or another, to have sold out to incentives of profit and power and the exploitation of people and planet. And yet, mainstream conversations continued to idealize democracy as the royal road to healthy governance. The dissonance between the ideal and the real catalyzed this exploration into the fundamental flaws of the democratic system.

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