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For the Climate: Only One Way Forward

The Puzzle of the Missing Link: An Evolutionary Theory of Relationship


The theory of evolution leaves us with the puzzle of the "missing link” – the idea that a fossil will one day be discovered which will reveal information about human lineage from apes.  If we look at evolution from a fuller relational as well as a linear perspective we may discover that part of the evolutionary mystery may actually lie veiled in the tantalizing phrase “the missing link”. What if the phrase refers not only to a consecutive chain of physical events but to the quality of the links – the relational code – that determines the nature of relationships among co-existing species at any given time? 

What is the code that enables not only one species but a community of species to thrive and evolve together?


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Nourishing Wisdom


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on Conscious Eating and Nutrition


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For the Global Good – An Ethic for our Time


A new tribe is emerging on the planet – a tribe that transcends gender, race, religion and nations. It is a tribe of people who self-identify as global citizens and are dedicated to the wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants - without privilege or prejudice. This tribal identity holds powerful revolutionary and evolutionary potential! It aligns people across cultures and continents. It cuts to the core of what separates people from each other and the planet.

The identity of “those for the global good” draws a defining line between those who are consciously working for the wellness of all and those who aren’t. From a holistic perspective, this no-compromise line distinguishes those who are dedicated to learning how to heal and enrich our collective body and those that are willing to leech off and deplete it for their own benefit. 

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