Born to Be Free

This video is dedicated to the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in gratitude for the extraordinary work they do to rewild and protect the White Lions and to bring the message of these majestic beings to the world.


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The Planetary Wisdom of the Lions and Lionesses

Understanding the ecological and evolutionary function of animals requires moving beyond mainstream scientific language to a more integrative vibrational language. This vibrational language takes into account the spectrum of cosmic and embodied intelligences as well as recent holographic insights as to the nature of consciousness.

The lions and lionesses hold the most integrative and evolved forms of consciousness of land animals on the planet. As apex predators, they have internalised and metabolised all other aspects of creation into their internal physiological environment. They have evolved a harmonious, energetic structure where each part of the holographic fabric of life has its  accurate place in the microcosmic holographic internal environment of the lion and lioness. Visibly, their golden or white golden fur reflect and embody this integrative, radiant vibration.

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Alchemists of Raw Emotion


We cast the dice to play the game

Of fear and envy, blame and shame

Gnawing at the soul’s contentment

Lashing out with raw resentment

Sometimes guised and sometimes bare

Crashing waves of deep despair

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Evolution of Consciousness

Naturally Nourishing: Reconnecting with the 'Real Food' Story


Part I - The Big Food Bluff

 “When you control food, you control people.” ~ Kissinger

Our food has been hijacked by a vast profit machine that invests billions to control consumer’s choices and habits.  Processed foods and pesticides are contributing to serious chronic diseases and environmental destruction, yet so many continue to consume products devoid of nutritional value and laced with a range of harmful ingredients. Now, across the world people are finallyawakening to the big food bluff.

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There's a Rhythm Coming Through

There’s a rhythm coming through

Its showing us there’s something new

Beyond our busy expectations

Multi-media fabrications

And collective lamentations

Awakening a different dance

Beyond the “me good - you bad” stance

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The Vitality Code

Published by Together In Creation

The Climate Code and Consciousness


Orchestrating the seasons, the climate code has evolved with life over billions of years. Like a loving alchemist, it weaves the relationship between earth, air, fire and water giving the gift of life to the planet and all its inhabitants. This intricate and vastly complex intelligence nourishes the healthy relationship among all parts of our interconnected living system. 

We have taken the climate for granted. We have interfered with this extraordinary code of creation and created havoc in the system. The devastation from climate change reflects humanity’s neglect of the subtle web of life. It is a disease of dishonoring relationships - a result of a mindset of separateness, privilege and domination. In this sense climate change is a harsh and powerful master – an evolutionary wake-up call to learn from the climate code about healthy, honoring consciousness.

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Climate Code Manifesto

Eco Governance and Healing Humanity

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