Communicating With Other Animals


Published by Together In Creation

Humans tend to dismiss as irrelevant that which what we cannot understand from a rational perspective. Faced with the fact that animals do not speak our language, we deny that they speak other languages that may be equally if not more evolved than our own albeit in different ways.

We have claimed intelligence as our own, and in so doing we have functioned in a tragically partial way, dismissing and destroying other complementary intelligences on which we depend. This phenomenon can be captured in the notion that if humans disappeared from the earth, the planetary eco-system would thrive, whereas if lions or bees or various other species disappear, the eco-system as we know it would be destroyed.

It has taken millennia for humans to begin to recognize only some of the essential ecological functions of a number of species and we have not yet begun to understand the essential function of millions of others. Now as we begin to recognize the implications of our tragic narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness and cruelty, many people find themselves fighting those fuelled by short-term economic interests and selfish greed that continue to hunt, poison and kill the animals and destroy and steal the land on which they live.

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On Religion, Faith and Direct Experience of the Sacred


Published by Together In Creation

The vast range of scandals, conflict, corruption, oppression and war in the name of God is confronting us more than ever with the limitations and dangers of organized religion as it exists today. In parallel, there is increasing disillusionment with the story of the all-able God like man in the form of father, priest, president, general, CEO or professor who claims to know all, see all and manage the well-being of all. It seems that we are in the midst of the implosion of the monotheistic paradigm - the story of one masculine all-knowing God who alone is responsible for all of creation. Perhaps we are gradually weaning ourselves from the cult of dependence on an omnipotent male, a “big daddy”, to whom we can relinquish our authority and on whom we can safely and comfortably depend. 

In our attempt to understand the world, we create stories about it. Strangely, we tend to believe in our stories as if they were reality, and so in turn these stories determine the realities we co-create. The story of one male omnipotent God, responsible for all of creation, who functions through a process of reward and punishment is recognized by many as outdated and as no longer serving humanity. Privileging the masculine over the feminine and over the principle of mutually honoring relationship is at the root of all global crises.  It is a disease that arises from disconnecting from parts of ourselves, each other, nature and the sacred that resides in all. 

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Eco-Governance for the Next Seven Generations

Interconnectedness and Life Consciousness Evolving


Published by Together In Creation

People have defined and manipulated the environment from a painfully arrogant human-centered perspective. In creating modern systems of knowledge we have separated from our indigenous wisdom. It seems that in our intellectual quest we have lost sight of the possibility that the planet and its species do not exist for human benefit alone.

Humans, like other species, are just a small part of a much larger life consciousness evolving.  We are a relatively recent and immature species that has the ability to impact the planet in powerful ways. So called "civilized" societies can be seen as branching off from indigenous communities to pursue knowledge and mastery of life that is disconnected from our innate instinct and our diverse somatic intelligences. As such, we have not yet evolved to the level of other species that have already integrated their unique gifts in mutually enriching ways with their life sustaining environment.

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Together in Creation


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