Undeveloping the Future and Discovering Creative Power with Adam Hall

When you hear the word, "separation", what do you think, or feel? For Adam Hall, this one word triggered a series of questions about death, life and purpose, that eventually cost him everything, including his monumental success and the American Dream. This extraordinary story is about an earth conqueror turned preservationist, who uncovers our true nature, discovers the secrets of nature and all of life, and reveals the creative power of the universe.

Adam is one of the premier real estate impact investors, Adam is dedicated to the quadruple bottom line of People, Planet, Profits and Purpose. He is widely recognized as a leading steward and innovator of postmodern business models. He currently oversees land conservation and community building projects in Hawaii, Nevada and California. The EarthKeeper Alliance has conserved miles of pristine coastline and thousands of acres. His projects build communities that connect people in innovation, collaboration, and wellness with a shared vision and cause. His book The EarthKeeper: Undeveloping the Future, chronicles his journey from earth conqueror to a conscious capitalist. He has put forth a radically new approach to everyday commerce. The EarthKeeper Alliance's primary purpose is to help heal the earth while at the same time help all global citizens to reclaim meaning, purpose and function in their own lives.

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