Value of Water


How often do you truly appreciate the value of water in our life? Do you tend to take it for granted or even occasionally waste it? Do you honor water as a wonderful gift and the true giver of life on this planet? One of the best ways to appreciate water is to sit quietly by a river and contemplate what an amazing force it is. Listen to the constant sound of it rushing over the rocks and you can hear the voice of the Creator. As you envision the network of rivers you can see that it is like the circulatory system of Mother Gaia, bringing life to every corner. It’s no wonder that most major population centers are located on some body of water, often at the confluence of rivers.

The same feeling of complete connection with Source can be felt in the oceans, especially listening to the constant pounding of the surf. Think of the animals that live in the ocean and are as dependent on water as you are. Each time you drink water you can be reminded of the miracle of life and how deeply connected you are to the unbelievably complex design of nature that allows life to thrive on Earth. Remember how important it is to do what you can to ensure that water remains pure and available for all future generations.


Ted Murray is an Executive Life Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Ted had a long career as an international tennis professional, inspiring young players who became Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam winners. Ted’s focus is empowering people of all ages to aspire to and achieve their ultimate dreams in life, and his Coach From the Heart program enables people gain clarity and fulfillment. Ted is the bestselling author of Tennis from the Heart – Pursuing the Dream. For 16 years, Ted has written a daily inspirational Message from the Heart shared with thousands of people worldwide.


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